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Meet the Founder: Ilchi Lee
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Dear friends,

Learning, growing, and changing is a natural part of life. I believe we all have unlimited potential for growth, change, and happiness and that all people are precious and valuable. After realizing this for myself, I dedicated my life to helping people make their lives their masterpiece creation.

Through my own life study, I learned that the key to change is changing energy—the life energy that flows through us and everything. Energy is easier to change than your body, habits, or environment. Yet it ultimately affects all of them and is affected by them. By knowing how to change your energy, simply and easily, you climb into the driver’s seat of your life.
That’s why for over 30 years I have taught energy principles and mind-body exercises based on them. With these simple exercises and techniques, you can change your energy, change your life, and, as an extension, change the world.

I started in a park with just one student—a stroke patient who improved with the exercises we did together to increase the energy circulation in his body. Gradually, mo re people joined us until I was able to open a training center. Because of my conviction that everyone can heal themselves and manifest their dreams, I opened more centers, eventually expanding from my native South Korea to other countries, including the U.S.

With these people, I created the Earth Citizen Movement to channel the abundant energy and compassion we developed through our practice into caring for our communities and the earth. I retired from the centers and left them in the care of my students and moved on to founding non-profits such as the Earth Citizens Organization (ECO). I wrote books, made films, and held meditation retreats around the world.

I’ve faced many obstacles as I’ve lived out my passion, but I can continue and turn them into opportunities because I can feel my intrinsic value and know how to change my energy and use the unlimited potential of my brain. Everyone has this value and unlimited potential. That’s how I know if I could have fun fulfilling my dream—you can too.

ChangeYourEnergy.com is the latest way I’ve found to live my dream of aiding your dreams. With the versatility and reach of the internet, I can share the principles and techniques I’ve developed, which I’ve collectively called Brain Education, with people all over the world. With them, Earth Citizens are empowered to own their lives and take stewardship over their communities and the earth.

Now, at your convenience, you can join this community and use a variety of tips, tools, and techniques to change any aspect of your life and deepen your understanding of how energy works in your life and the world. You can always find a new understanding or a new practice to incorporate into your life that’s just right for you. The site is always being updated and finding new ways to help you express your true self.

I hope the host of courses, classes, and articles on holistic healing and mindful living on the website give you the knowledge and support you need to live the life and create the world you truly want.

Ilchi Lee
Founder, ChangeYourEnergy.com
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