An Internal Workout to Restore Gut Health
Take Charge of Your Health, Naturally
What is an Internal Workout?
Simply put, an internal workout is the stimulation of the gut and
organs through the belly button.
We call this Belly Button Healing.
Working as your body’s “reset button” an internal work out helps you improve
gut health by removing excess waste and harmful toxins,
getting your organs fit and healthy, clearing skin, and much more!
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Are you...
  • Tired of not seeing results from your diet and exercise routine?
  • Frustrated from frequent constipation, bloating, irregular bowel movements, or digestive issues?
  • Overwhelmed by all the diet fads and weight loss programs?
  • Ready to take control of your health, naturally?
Good! Then you’re the perfect candidate
to join the thousands of others around the world
who have transformed their health and lives
with Belly Button Healing.
Franchesca Bisono
“It really relaxes me to massage my abdomen. Also I feel way less tension in my internal organs and better digestion. I learned that healthy circulation is fundamental for your overall health. This method is a must for your basic health.”
Franchesca Bisono, Yoga instructor 
Why Belly Button Healing?
While it may sound strange at first, the belly button is actually incredibly important to your gut health, as well as your overall health.
Why? Your gut is known as your 2nd brain and hosts a plethora of neurons, nerves that directly linked to the brain, major arteries and hormone producing glands.
As the center point of your gut area, the belly button is like the gatekeeper to this inner world of health and vitality. In East Asian Medicine, major energy lines, or meridians, run through the abdomen, so when you stimulate your belly button, energetic blockages are released.
The belly is a microecosystem that contains...
  • About a third of the blood in the body
  • Trillions of gut microbes
  • 90% of the body's serotonin - the happiness hormone
  • 50% of the body's dopamine - the joy hormone
  • Nerves that link directly to the brain
  • The enteric nervous system
Gut Health = Total Body Health
Chun Shim
“About 20 years ago, my immunity was so weak, I got cold easily, felt tired even after long hours of sleep and had low motivation about what I was working on. When I massaged my organs, I realized my energy came back and began to flow. What I found now is this HEALING WAND is the best tool for organ healing and stimulation. Try it, the benefits are priceless.”
Chun Shim, Holistic life consultant
Now that you know just how important your belly button is, how can you do an Internal Workout through your belly button to improve gut health?
Meet the Healing Life Wand!
This tool was developed specifically for Belly Button Healing to make doing an Internal Workout for gut health easy and fun! The ergonomic design and different sized points allow you to massage and stimulate the gut without straining your shoulders and growing tired.
The belly button works in mysterious ways and is directly connected to every organ in the body!
How can that be, you ask?
Think of it as a line of energy extending from the belly button to the corresponding organ. By using the special wand to detect tension or tightness at different points, you can easily determine where you need healing the most.
The 8 Sections of Belly Button Healing & Stimulation
By stimulating your belly button at these different angles,
you can directly influence the condition of important body parts and organs:
8 Sections of Belly Button Healing
11 Benefits of
Belly Button Exercises
Belly Button Exercises
  1. Promotes blood circulation
  2. Warms abdomen, increases body temperature
  3. Improves digestive and excretory functions
  4. Relaxes body and mind
  5. Increases immunity and detoxification
  6. Boosts physical vitality
  7. Clears head and improves concentration
  8. Relieves pain and tension in joints
  9. Expands physical and mental well-being
  10. Makes skin lustrous and smooth
  11. Creates feelings of centeredness
Danielle Gaudette
“Using this belly button healing tool has really helped me to warm up and relax my abdomen, bringing me into a deep state of relaxation. It is the most effective thing that I have found so far that brings such great results after only a few minutes of use!”
Danielle Gaudette, Holistic mind-body healer 
Do You Want an Easy Way to do a Daily Internal Workout to Improve Gut Health?
Try Our Belly Button Healing Kit to Transform Your Health!
We designed the Belly Button Healing Kit specifically to help you work out your insides, daily! Thirty-five years in the making, Belly Button Healing was developed by Ilchi Lee, international mind-body expert and NY Times bestselling author, when he discovered the power contained in the belly. He developed this comprehensive and experiential kit to help you improve your health by yourself, anytime from anywhere!
Belly Button Healing Kit
The combination of the book, wand, and online course makes it easy to make Belly Button Healing a part of your everyday life.
Belly Button Healing Book
Illustrated How-to Book
Learn the Hows and Whys of Belly Button Healing from the anatomical to the spiritual. Step-by-step guidance and illustrations will take the "guess work" out of your daily internal workout.
Belly Button Healing Wand
Healing Life Wand
This wand really is magic! Using it will allow you to reach points within your belly button to release and relieve tension, stress and blockages. Its ergonomic design and different sized ends make doing a daily internal workout easy and effective.
Belly Button Healing Online Course
Online Course
This experiential course will guide you through applying the Belly Button Healing method to your everyday life, anytime, from anywhere! Practice along with a certified instructor to get the most out of your daily internal workout, and restore gut health.
Get the Belly Button Healing Kit for Just $99 ($141 value)
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
30-Day Money Back Guarantee
We strongly believe this method will help you totally transform your health, and the Belly Button Healing Kit has everything you need to do just that!
However, we understand everyone is different. If you don’t absolutely love the method or experience tangible results, we’ll refund your money, no questions asked!
But...we’re sure you’re going to be pleasantly surprised
with the results you experience
from this ground-breaking method!
Take it from these doctors who recommend it...
Chief of Psychiatry of the Adult Mental Health Division of the Hawaii / Department of Health
"Belly Button Healing relieved tight muscles and pain in my lower back and hips within just twenty-four hours. Add this technique to your self-care routine and see how it strengthens your second brain, the gut, and pumps more energy and vitality into your life. I highly recommend it."
Internist and Family Practitioner
"I’ve never experienced such a simple, yet powerful method like this. Just few minutes of Belly Button Healing made so much difference: My shoulder loosed up and the sciatic pain in my left side lessened, and I could raise my leg much higher. Everybody should give it a try."
Managing Director at Tuckson / Health Connections
"I have incorporated many of Ilchi Lee’s techniques into my personal daily meditation, health, and exercise practice for several years. I have found Belly Button Healing to be a simple way of calming my mind, relaxing my body, and promoting a peaceful sense of well-being. I’m happy to recommend this wonderful technique to everyone."
OB/GYN, Pelvic Pain Expert, Author
"I’ve been using Belly Button Healing on myself, and I’ve found that it has lessened the intestinal side effects of the medications I must take every three weeks, making me much more comfortable. I encourage everyone to start their own daily practice of Belly Button Healing and discover its subtle yet profound benefits for themselves."
Woman laptop
Have Some Questions?
Book a Free Private Skype Session Skype Session with an Expert!
We’re here to answer your questions, help you find your stress points, and give you advice on how to use Belly Button Healing to activate your healing power and relieve what ails you.
Your 15 Minute Session Includes:
  • Deeper understanding of Belly Button Healing - philosophy, spirituality, anatomy
  • Self-Test to determine where you’re holding tension or have a blockage
  • Q&A Session with Belly Button Healing expert
Get the Kit and Get Healthy Now!
Belly Button Healing Kit for Gut Health
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$99 ($42 discount)
Disclaimer: The Healing Life, Belly Button Healing Wand is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease and is not a medical product. Please consult a qualified healthcare practitioner on any matters regarding your health.
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