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Foot Reflexology and Your Health

Foot Reflexology and Your Health
Few of us realize what a wealth of natural healing resides within the soles of our feet.

Reflexology is only recently gaining popularity in Western medicine. But through Eastern medicine, people have been benefiting from this simple and effective natural healing concept for thousands of years.

Recent major research studies, from universities in Japan to "Zone Therapy" author Dr. Joe Riley of the 1900s to the famed Russian psychologist Dr. Pavlov's experiments, all agree: there is a very close relationship between stimulation of the feet and brain activation. In fact, stimulating the soles of the feet benefits the entire body!

Eastern medicine views the sole of the foot as the body in microcosm. It understands the bottom of the foot as a map that energetically connects to all the organs in your body via meridians. Based on the ancient healing art called reflexology, the feet both absorb and transport vital Qi energy between your feet, the corresponding organs, and the earth you walk upon.

backward neck tilt

This map has various zones, or points, through which an energy meridian passes.

By stimulating these places where blood vessels and nerves are concentrated, it is possible to improve blood circulation and activate neurotransmission. Although reflex zones are distributed throughout the body, the greatest number of nerve reflex zones are packed into our hands and feet.

The Detox Patch

The Solar Body Foot Detox Patch was developed to enhance the foot’s reflex zones and its related organs. Using the patch will promote blood circulation and facilitate the release of toxins.

It can give you similar benefits as a massage or foot acupressure. The herbal sachet can supply heat and stimulation to the entire sole of the foot without being touched by the hand directly.

We need this now more than ever. In the past, people were naturally stimulating their foot’s reflex zones because they walked barefoot on unpaved roads and rocky terrain. Today, however, with built roads and the development of transportation, both our opportunities for barefoot and natural walking that ordinarily stimulate the reflex points in our feet have greatly diminished.

The healthy herbs in the patch act as a poultice, changing the previous day's fatigue into a pleasant, refreshed and grounded feeling in the morning.

The patch can also replicate the way you might feel after a good therapeutic soak in a hot spring. The various natural minerals in the patch permeate your skin, stimulating your reflex zones and meridians, just as minerals in the water would.

Soon after applying the patch, you will feel a warm sensation. That's the herbs stimulating your reflex zones. Passing through your reflex zones, the heat stimulates your meridians and connects to each of your organs, helping you support your immune system, and recover and maintain your overall health.

Start reclaiming your natural vibrant health today! Awaken your inner healer and build your natural healing power with the Solar Body Foot Detox Patch.

Written by Kim Alyce Steffgen
With a background in journalism and marketing communications, Kim's wordsmithing reflects a love of language that brings spice to many ads, articles, banners, and videos. To that spice she adds her passion for herbs, plants and alternative health.
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