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4 Steps to Make Green Living Second Nature

4 Steps to Make Green Living Second Nature
For the first two weeks of 2014, more than half the country was plunged into unprecedented freezing temperatures. And we expect to be hit again soon. The once unknown term “polar vortex” is suddenly on everyone’s lips and another, more well known term comes quickly behind it: Climate change.

During his journey to spiritual enlightenment, Ilchi Lee had a profound vision. Two futures for humanity spread out before him. One showed the Earth united by peace and co-existence. The other showed the Earth completely destroyed by war and environmental pollution.

For Lee, there is no question that our actions have a profound impact on the health of the planet. And so, there is no question that our actions also have the ability to protect and heal it, as well. But how?

The answer to that question is different for everyone. But the key to finding your own specific style of eco-conscious living is the same for us all: sensing energy.

Once we can feel the Earth’s energy and our connection to it, protecting and preserving it will become second nature, an extension of our own self care.

Here are four steps you can take everyday to connect to the Earth and help make a happier, healthier planet.

4 Steps to Eco-Conscious Living

1. Magnetic Meditation
Magnetic Meditation is a great way to begin to feel energy. Start by using a set of magnets, which you can purchase here.

Holding one magnet in each hand, place your hands a few inches in front of your Dahnjon (about two inches below your navel). Taking a few deep breaths, slowly fill your belly, then empty your belly until you are feeling centered and relaxed in your entire abdomen and pelvic region.

Then, slowly push and pull your magnets together and apart, but don’t let them touch. Just keep letting the magnetism draw the magnets together then use your own energy to keep them apart. Let the energy radius grow larger and larger. Close your eyes and concentrate on the gentle tug and pull of the magnetism, letting it sink more deeply into your Dahnjon with every repetition.

As you play with the magnets, become aware that the energy you feel between them is the same energy that exists in your own body, and also within the Earth. Try to visualize your own magnetic field circulating fresh energy in through the top of your head, down through your body and out the bottom of your feet. Then visualize the magnetic field of the planet, stretching from pole to pole.

Realize that you are part of the Earth, and share an energetic connection with it. You can find more magnetic meditation exercises here.

2. Breathing in the Earth, Tree Meditation
This meditation is designed to help you connect to the Earth and realize the symbiotic relationship humans have with nature. It is best to practice this meditation outdoors, surrounded by trees, but it can also be done indoors.

Close your eyes and breathe comfortably. Imagine a tree in front of you, its strong branches packed with healthy leaves and filled with vitality. This tree has its roots embedded deep within the earth. From the earth to the tree, the cycle of life and energy can be sensed.

As you breathe out, become aware that the carbon dioxide you exhale feeds the tree and helps maintain its life. As you breathe in, place your awareness on the energy of the oxygen that the tree produces, which allows us to live.

This interchange of energy is a fundamental function of life at all levels. Breathe with the tree, and you will feel the inescapable oneness that connects us to one another and to the Earth.

Members of ChangeYourEnergy.com can log in to enjoy this guided tree meditation course video.

You can also enjoy the full version of the meditation in Ilchi Lee’s book, “Mago’s Dream.”

3. Practice Mindfulness
As your awareness of your connection to Earth grows, you will naturally begin to act in ways that are less harmful to the health of the planet. But you can also practice awareness of your actions consciously on a daily basis.

With every action you take, pause for a moment to consider your potential impact. Before you walk past the litter that fell short of the trash can, reach for a paper towel instead of dishcloth, or jump in your car to get to the shop three blocks away, just take a moment to reflect.

By training yourself to notice the greater impacts of your actions, you will grow your awareness of the connection you share with other people and the planet. As that awareness progresses, you will also notice a desire to change your actions and naturally choose those that have the most positive impact on your surroundings.

4. Ecstatic Dance
Constantly being mindful of the environmental impact of your actions can be mentally and emotionally draining. But don’t let that stand in the way of finding and honoring your connection to Earth. Practice this fun and cleansing form of moving meditation to help you process your emotional energy, recenter and recharge.

You have a natural rhythm within you. Your breath, your heartbeat and more all respond to the vibration of your internal energy. Through ecstatic dance, you can tap into the natural rhythm and energy that is constantly flowing through you.

Set aside at least 15 minutes to dance. You can do this exercise alone or with a group. Choose music that makes you happy and with a tempo you can easily move to. Start the music, and allow yourself to relax.

Let go of your self-consciousness and begin to move to the music. Try swaying with the rhythm or tapping your feet to the beat. Close your eyes if it helps. Shake your head lightly from side to side, and imagine all your worries and stress leaving as you do.

Let your movements become bigger and looser. Wave your arms, spin around, jump. Let your body move freely. You can tap your body in places where you feel tension or pain to help release stagnant energy.

As your breathing becomes heavier, imagine new, pure energy coming into your lungs and traveling throughout your body. Make room for that energy by shaking old, stagnant energy out through your limbs. Sometimes stagnant energy needs to be released through vocalization, or even crying, so go ahead, let it out!

The point of ecstatic dance is to tap into your natural rhythm and to feel ecstatic! So dance as long and as often as you like.

Being conscious of your oneness with the planet is a constant exercise, and big changes don’t always happen quickly, but that’s okay. Incorporate these four exercises into your daily life at a pace that works for you, and let them become second nature.

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Earth + Humans = Common Sense
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Thanks for this issue well explained and very helpful.
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Maria, it's great to know that our articles are useful to you! I hope you notice great changes in your life as you apply these tips!
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This is so helpful! Thank you Desiree!!!!
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Thanks Jerrie. I'm glad you find the information helpful! I hope this makes going green a lot easier for you
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