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"What is Enlightenment?" with Grand Master ManWol
Live Class

by ManWol
"What is Enlightenment?" with Grand Master ManWol
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Use the ancient wisdom of Tao to solve life's challenges today!

Finally, clear, practical guidance that's relevant to your life. The lectures speak to you, not to some esoteric community of people from long ago. Grand Master Manwol gives you practical wisdom you can apply to the life you are living, right here and right now.

Learn the wisdom of the Tao from a Contemporary Enlightened Master.

Tao's fundamental wisdom shows you how to face life's challenges with renewed confidence. With Grand Master Manwol's patient, loving guidance she shows you how to connect with your true nature, listen to your soul's message, trust your instincts and tap into your innate resilience.

As the founder of Sun Tao Temple in Korea, she's been sharing her wisdom throughout Asia, benefiting thousands of people for over 15 years. Now, Grand Master Manwol is ready to spread the message and healing of Tao Living to the rest of the world.

With her clear, compassionate guidance for anyone who is on the journey of their soul's completion, she shows you how you never again have to leave your home, or be separated from your true nature, when you embark on your soul's journey!
Course Overview


This compassionate, easy to follow lecture series offers clear guidance about how to apply enlightened wisdom to your daily life. With her genuine and compassionate style, Grand Master Manwol will put your mind at ease and open your heart to a better way of living.

In this course, you will learn:

What is life? Why do I have to live as a human being? Where do I go when I die? Through the lens of Tao, life's most fundamental questions are discussed both logically and intuitively.

The deaths of human beings are all alike. We assign different words to the event, ranging from the vulgar to the revered. But if you look at these expressions, you'll find that, ultimately, they are all about returning to the seat of the Source, to our original place.

Your appearance can readily be changed by the consciousness you have. Learn how the energy that pours from out from a person who loves and believes in herself can instantly transform the perceptions of the world around her.

Money is simply a form of energy. Yet, it is man-made. Learn how we can put ourselves in the flow of money's energy, and the ways that we unwittingly block money energy.

There are many ways to love and many types of love. From romantic love to love of one's country. Learn how our own lovability determines the quality of our love for others.

Learn how a fundamental understanding of sex as the origins of life and creativity can support our true nature.

Parents & Children
It is said that you are born choosing everything, including your parents. Learn why the parent-child relationship is said to embody human moral law.

Personal relationships; inter-relating is among the most challenging human endeavor. Hear the discussion about why human relationships are often so difficult and how you can improve your relationships by knowing yourself first.

After our process of physical growth is finished, the time comes when we should engage completely with what's called the "growth of our souls.” Learn how and why the soul expands according to the life you give it.

Teacher & Student
The teacher of the soul is also called our parent. Learn the three types of parents all human beings encounter in their lifetime--physical, cosmic and soul.

Meditation Message
While meditation implies stillness and an empty mind, it is really an exercise in breaking through darkness. When we lift the veil of shadow, we encounter the light of our true self.

Enlightenment & Completion
If enlightenment itself becomes the purpose of life, then you will be misguided. What's important is not enlightenment, but an enlightened life. Learn why enlightenment and an enlightened life are different things.


Live An Enlightened Life One Day at a Time, Every Day by Living Tao

This lecture series is like a living philosophy book that you can take into your everyday life. After even just one lecture you will find yourself feeling a greater sense of well being, in almost every aspect of your life including:
  1. More Peace of Mind
  2. Improved Relationships
  3. Greater Ability to Trust Life
  4. More Sense of Wonder
  5. Feel Happier
  6. Renewed Sense of Purpose
  7. Realizing a Deeper Meaning to Life
  8. Clear Guidance for Your Life Path
  9. More Self-Confidence and Self-Determination
  10. Feeling a Deeper Emotional Connection with Others
  11. A Better Understanding of the Ancient Wisdom of Tao
People say the lectures are changing their life.


double quote
I have a feeling that I am just waking up. I have been asleep all my life. Connecting with my body as for the first time and connecting through my body to Heaven and earth. I truly am starting to “feel” to connect more with everyone around me. I feel Manwol’s love for me. I am present, mindful, content and very much happy. I am home within myself.
— Liz P. Australia
double quote
Never have I left a talk like this with such a profound feeling of peace, sense of purpose and certainty of my life's value. I would recommend this series to anyone searching for a deeper meaning in their life.
— A. Stevens, California
double quote
It's a profound series of lectures and anyone who watches them and hears what Manwol has to say will be fortunate.
— Dylan M., Arizona
double quote
I have undergone deep transformation by recognition of my identity as a beautiful sacred soul and accepting it as my real identity. I have accepted a mission that will allow expression of that identity.
— Evelin S. Washington
Table of Contents
Corbin Williams
Corbin Williams
Jul 19, 2023
Amazing Teaching
“I simply love GrandMaster ManWol and her teaching. It has greatly helped me understand the most basic and fundamental aspects of life. Thank you ManWol for your teaching!”
Feb 3, 2016
Amazing! Grand Master ManWol is just amazing!
“Wow, what a blessing to listen to this lectures, it's a miracle to be able to listen this and feel the energy and how the brain changes while the information is received. ”
Meet your instructor(s)

Grand Master Manwol is a spiritual teacher and founder of the Sun Tao practice in Korea. At Sun Tao centers, anybody of any background can learn, practice and embody ways of spiritual, harmonious living with oneself and others.

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Grand Master Manwol is a spiritual teacher and founder of the Sun Tao practice in Korea. At Sun Tao centers, anybody of any background can learn, practice and embody ways of spiritual, harmonious living with oneself and others.

Finding her own enlightenment in 1999, she provides spiritual lectures around the world, based on the ChunBuKyung, an ancient code that unravels the original nature of the universe, human beings and the Earth. In recognition of her spiritual teachings, Manwol was invited to attend the U.N. Millennium World Peace Conference of Religious and Spiritual Leaders in August 2000 and the Asian Religious Peace Conference (ACRP) in June 2002.

Nicole Wasserman
Nicole Wasserman
Feb 2, 2020

Monwol De Sunsa nim is so beautiful and bright, with ancient wisdom and enlightenment. It is so good to have her lectures on ChangeYourEnergy! Thank you!!! I also like both the English Sub and Dub, however with the Dub I wish that you could still hear her voice clearly which has so much vibrancy and personality. <3


Feb 11, 2016
This is amazing!!! Thank you so much for this lectures. I absolutely recommend this to all. 

ChunYoung SusanGerace
ChunYoung SusanGerace
Mar 13, 2015
So grateful to have the opportunity to begin and travel this journey with you GrandMaster ManWol, of course timing is perfect.

Heather Hebert del Cuadro
Heather Hebert del Cuadro
Mar 12, 2015
Thank you for the inspiring lecture! I look forward to the next one❤️

ann  wheeler
ann wheeler
Mar 12, 2015
Yes I feel like this life is a really wonderful opportunity to become connected and grow my soul's purpose while I have a physical life. Someday as you say I must return my body, hopefully in the same condition that I received it.  Thank you Grand Master ManWhol for illuminated a simple way to see the bigger picture to life and death.

"What is Enlightenment?" with Grand Master ManWol - ManWol
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