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Inspiration For Your Day: Poems and Messages to Lift Your Heart (MP3 Download)
Price: $8.99
Product Description

Sometimes, we all need a little boost in our outlook on the world around us and giving ourselves positive daily messages can deepen our understanding of life’s mysteries. This compilation is an ideal companion for daily meditation practice. You can listen to the messages in succession, or one at a time.

Ilchi Lee’s messages and poems communicate the sublime wisdom that speaks to the inherent greatness in each one of us. With daily listening, you can expand your understanding of true peace and become more centered. You can increase your mindfulness and gain insight for making more positive and beneficial life choices.

Inspiration for Your Day contains spoken messages and poems read by professional voice actors and set to uplifting music. Nine of these messages have never before been released in English. Six are old favorites known by people who are familiar with Ilchi Lee’s work.

Track List

  1. Introduction (2:09)
  2. Breath (3:44)
  3. Travel (4:13)
  4. Finding True Self (2:49)
  5. I Know You (2:33)
  6. Divinity (2:17)
  7. Suhaeng (3:28)
  8. Message of Chunjikiun (1:47)
  9. Meet the Sacred Soul (3:28)
  10. Within Time and Empty Space (4:19)
  11. Poem of Life (2:11)
  12. The Dream of Chunhwa (3:30)
  13. Realize the Greatness within Your Brain (4:04)
  14. Prayer of Peace (4:37)
  15. Mago’s Message from Sedona (4:17)

About the Author

ILCHI LEE is a brain philosopher and educator dedicated to creating a healthier, happier, and more peaceful existence for humanity. He is founder of Dahn Yoga and Brain Education System Training (BEST), techniques designed to enhance human potential and quality of life through a variety of mind-body training methods. His self-development programs, used by thousands of people worldwide, offer a unique blend of Eastern philosophical concepts and Western scientific understanding. Lee has authored 32 books on topics related to brain development, health and wellness, spirituality, and personal growth. To learn more about Ilchi Lee, visit www.ilchi.com.

About the Voice Actors

PETER THOMAS, JR., son of acclaimed narrator Peter Thomas, has been recording voice-overs for over 40 years since age 16. He has contributed to commercials, industrial videos, and books on tape for companies such as Pepsi and Exxon, and publishers like McGraw Hill. To learn more about Peter, visit www.PeterThomasJr.com.

SHONDRA JEPPERSON is a professional singer, actress, musician, and songwriter. A graduate of the prestigious Julliard School of Drama, she appears regularly in a wide variety of television and stage productions. She is half of the popular entertainment duo Tom and Shondra, and still finds time to coach acting and voice students privately. For more information, visit www.tomandshondra.com.

EDWIN KIM is a Dahn Yoga instructor who uses his many creative talents to create multimedia projects related to the practice. In addition to voice-over work, he has contributed his filmmaking skills to many inspiring video productions.

Product Summary

Format: MP3
Time: 0:49:43, 15 Tracks
Publisher: Best Life Media (May 19, 2010)
Voice Actors: Peter Thomas, Jr., Shondra Jepperson, Edwin Kim
Music Credits: Music on tracks 2-8, 10-12, 14, and 15 by Arang Park

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