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Brain Wave Vibration - Guided Training - MP3 Download
Price: $9.99
Product Description


  • Introduction (1:21)
  • Warm-up Exercise (19:32)
  • Head Nod Vibration (6:09)
  • Full-body Vibration (14:47)
  • Chest Vibration (5:24)
  • Energy Meditation (5:06)
  • Energy Dance (4:13)
  • Vision Meditation (5:14)

Brain Wave Vibration is a simple and effective brain fitness and holistic healing method for renewed vitality and genuine fulfillment. The simplest form of practice merely requires moving your body to your own internal, natural healing rhythms in order to slow down and integrate your brain waves.

Let Melissa Koci, a certified Brain Education Instructor who has taught the method for over five years, guide you through a one-hour session.

Even if you only have a short period of time, you can just play the Head Nod Vibration track for five minutes to center and brighten your day.


Through this revolutionary brain-body practice, you will:
  • Stimulate your natural healing ability
  • Manage your stress effectively
  • Rediscover physical vitality
  • Awaken your creative potential
  • Connect to your highest self
  • Enhance your overall brain health

About Brain Education

Brain Education (BE) is a self improvement system designed to improve brain fitness, as well as overall health and wellness. It was developed by Ilchi Lee and the Korea Institute of Brain Science, a non- governmental organization in consultative status with the United Nations. This 5-step system includes physical, emotional, and cognitive exercises including postures, breathing techniques, vibration exercises, guided imagery, healing massage, brain exercises, relaxation techniques, and games. Its exercises stimulate the healthy, dynamic and productive functioning of the body and brain, improving sensory awareness, motor control, balance, emotional regulation, stress management, pain relief, attention, and imagination. Based on proven body-brain fitness concepts, Brain Education is accessible to anyone of any age or fitness level and can be adapted for use in schools, businesses, and other organizations. Thousands of people already embrace Brain Education as a valuable means of achieving their health and wellness goals.

Product Summary
  • Format: Audio CD
  • Time: 61:34, 7 Tracks
  • Publisher: BEST Life Media; 1st edition (July 2009)
  • ISBN-13: 978-1-935127-31-4
  • UPC: 891397002964
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Positive transformations for body, mind and soul
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