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Ilchi Lee’s Vocal Sound Healing Music Compilation
Price: $4.99
Product Description
Ilchi Lee is a beloved Tao master originating from Korea. He has developed the mind-body-spirit practices of Body & Brain Yoga and Tai Chi and Brain Education. Ilchi Lee has also offered sound healing for opening blocked energy flow in the body and allowing the spirit to shine.

In this three-track album compiled from previous works, Ilchi Lee sends out his voice while deep in meditation, connecting to the source of life. He chants the sacred 9,000-year-old, 81-character text, the Chun Bu Kyung, and the traditional Korean song called “Arirang”. The Chun Bu Kyung and “Arirang” communicate the energy of your most sacred and true self, and the original life energy of the universe.

Listening to the sound of Ilchi Lee’s voice will make the vibrations of your body and mind resonate with purest energy of life. You will purify your toxic and stagnant energy and connect to your highest self. Your mind will clear with repeated listening, and your body will relax.

These vocal tracks offer the highest form of sound healing available. All are in MP3 format and are only available as a set.

Track List

  1. 1. Chun Bu Kyung Chant 1 (1:03)
  2. 2. Song of the Chun Bu Kyung (7:40)
  3. 3. Soul Arirang – Vocal (3:06)
Total Time: 11:49

For more Chun Bu Kyung chanting, see Power of the Chun Bu Kyung: The Heavenly Code CD.


Product Summary
The sound of Ilchi Lee’s voice chanting ancient texts will purify your energy and help you connect to your highest self.
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