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Relationship Breakthrough

Online Intuitive Coaching & Energy Reading
Find the root causes and the solutions
to your most difficult relationships
Do you have difficult relationships? Are negative patterns keeping you from enjoying a healthy relationship with the people who are important to your life?

Whether they are friends, family, co-workers or romantic partners, every relationship has its challenges.

Relationships are woven throughout our lives and create the foundation of our purpose. And every relationship teaches us something about ourselves.

But if you have ongoing pain and distress from disagreements, hurt feelings and anger, Banya Lim’s online group coaching on the difficult relationships is for you!

Relationship Breakthrogh Will Teach You:

  • What unconscious beliefs and negative patterns could be holding you back from trust and true intimacy.
  • How to interpret the energy dynamics of the difficult relationship.
  • How to approach conflict with courage and compassion.
  • How to reframe your perceptions for a new perspective on the situation.
  • How to eliminate the "he is wrong! I am right!" struggle.

In this intuitive coaching and reading session, you will learn a step-by-step process to finding the root causes of the issues and how to resolve them.

Banya Lim Your Intuitive Healer & Coach

Banya is an intuitive healer and relationship coach. By reading the energetics of each person and the relationship situation, she can help you understand the 'lesson' of the difficult relationship and teach you how to move beyond it.

Combining Eastern philosophy, Taoist principles and deep intuitive guidance, Banya will coach class participants through their troubling issues.

Through active listening, reflective feedback and pure inner seeing, she has helped restore harmony and balance to even the most difficult and hopeless relationships.

Her over 30 years of energy experience will help you to understand any relationship from an energy perspective. With this group session, you will feel supported by others who are experiencing similar difficulties and benefit from the group wisdom.

How The Online Session Works:
  • 90-minute classes meet via webcam, 8 participants max.
  • During the one and a half hour class, each participant will have an opportunity to speak individually with Banya.
  • Banya will lead some breathing and meditation exercises to help ground and center the group.‏
  • Banya will hear from each person about his or her relationship issue and give her intuitive prescription for each case‏.
  • She will finalize some specific techniques for working through the difficult situations then end the session.

The benefits of Banya's session are countless. It's a like having a lifetime of learning compressed into one moment. You will leave this group session with tools and skills for immediately applying transformative, actionable wisdom to your life and relationships. Normally valued for couple hundred dollars, this class is available to you for only $50.

Prior Participants Are Saying…

  • “Her presence draws you in and you know you are hearing exactly what you came for. My husband told me when we left, "WOW, that was AMAZING"! Thank you for providing a space to connect with spirit! ” Robin Walker
  • “I came in with pain that was unbearable and after a one-hour session my body, mind, spirit and energy was transformed. It was an absolute honor to be in your presence. ” KJ Bess
  • “How incredible! Banya, you have changed my life forever. I cannot believe this is just the beginning. What a blessing you are! I will see you again later on along my journey. Anyone would be more than fortunate to receive your healing power. Today is my lucky day! ” Shea Byers
  • “Awesome!!! Banya is a terrific woman, anointed with insightful wisdom and knowledge. ” Dwayne Brown
  • “Banya’s amazingly truthful and accurate reading helped me resolve a situation. I would love to come back for a full reading. ” Debbie Turner
  • “Thank you for offering me a great experience and helping me step forward positively into a new journey.” John Richards

Reserve your spot now to experience the power of
intuitive coaching and group wisdom.

Banya Lim, a gifted intuitive healer and relationship coach will teach you how to create a relationship breakthrough from an energy perspective.

  • Date: September 4th, 2014
  • Time: 8pm, 11pm (EDT) - Choose the time that is best for you.

Cost: Online Special $50‏