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Groups for Change

What are Groups for Change?

“When you have a clear intention that is positively aligned with others’ benefit, and your energy is strong and focused, your intention will have a greater resonance, not only with other people but also with the responsive universe itself.”
- By Ilchi Lee -

Energy Meditation Circles are gatherings of people of all ages and backgrounds, practicing and experiencing the transformative benefits of meditation. Energy Meditation Circles are organized locally by LifeParticle Meditation Circle Leaders who have studied and practiced energy meditation and are passionate about sharing it with you.

Why Meditate?

Meditation quiets the mind. It allows us to see the broader picture of any given situation and to ‘hear’ solutions based on what is actually happening in our environment rather than what our anxieties or belief system may be projecting onto what we are calling reality. Meditation helps us know what truly motivates us. Meditation doesn’t automatically bring you good luck or magically make good things happen. In a very practical sense, though, a meditative state enables you to recognize more choices in any given situation than you would otherwise see with a stressful or distracted state of mind. Making a good choice starts from knowing what is really happening, without your own desires and emotions distorting your perception. This includes seeing the choices that we are making and the natural outcome of these choices, personally and collectively, and reflecting on whether or not they are desired outcomes.

Join Our Energy Meditation Circles

Meditation is not only for quieting and relaxing your mind. It is for creating what you want in life. Meditation makes this possible by helping you to have a clearer intention and to use your attention more effectively. The greatest creation that we can achieve by using LifeParticles and Creative Meditation is healing, of ourselves and our community.

What To Expect In an Energy Meditation Circle

Meditation Circles come in all shapes and sizes. Most classes, you can expect something similar to a mini version of a Dahn Yoga class, lasting anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour and a half depending on the location and Meditation Circle leader. Classes always start with basic introductions, light stretching warm ups, meridian opening exercises such as tapping or vibration exercises, and energy sensitizing meditation to focus on the energy in and surrounding your body, followed by guided visualization and/or sending and receiving LifeParticle energy to yourself and others. Some classes may also include energy martial arts such as Dahn Mu Do or Tai Chi.

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Positive transformations for body, mind and soul
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