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14 Days of Rejuvenating Movements for Deeper Sleep
April 27, 2017
8:00- 9:00PM EDT
5 Comments Tell us your thoughts
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i'm doing great really relaxed thank-u ah!shawanada please let me know how to spell means feels so good . Its for real I can see and feel the changes slowly not all at once it takes its time but I can feel it. Thanks so much
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thank-u so much i'm sorry again I would love to know how to spell kamsamnedom it means thank-u I am so relaxed Aiiii shiwonhada I don't even wanna move ill have more questions on the next one I do in ah couple days Thank-u oh I always say bless u when u sneeze. Great job I really Love u all Thanks
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I'm so glad to hear that! And the spelling you're looking for is "Aiiii shiwonhada!"
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im up so late I jumped ahead did the first one n then I did the second one and my right foot keeps jumping. tomorrow im going to start over n do it like u said fur ah week. thank-u this is awesome can't wait to try again n ill let you know what happens on the first one
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Yes! Please keep me posted
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thank-u, I was yawning and watery eyes im hopefully going to sleep now!!
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 Thank you, very interesting & very practical
       1 question: water up fire down,
 which one when you inhale
 which one when you exhale?
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Hi Robert, you don't inhale one and exhale out the other. It's the breath itself (in or out) that transforms the food we eat into heat/fire energy that goes down to the abdomen. When your abdomen is warm, the fire energy transforms into cool water energy (think water vapors evaporating from boiling water) and goes up your spine to cool your head.
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Really very glad to know valuable information to rejuvenate and release stress. Thank you...😊
  But I have few questions please.
How many times do we need to do this exercise and also what is the best time to do? I mean to ask if this should be done three times a day then Is this to do after/before lunch/dinner.
  Where is the link to join the Facebook group please? I wanted to join in the community.


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Hi Santhosha, I recommend doing this just once a day before sleeping at night. The Facebook group is at this link: facebook.com/groups/bellybuttonhealingclub Please join us!
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