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Energy Basics

Energy Basics is designed for anyone new to energy principles, anyone looking to apply energy principles to their daily life, and anyone looking to refresh their knowledge on energy. Applying energy principles to your everyday life with these simple yet effective exercises will open your heart and your mind to the power you contain within to heal your life naturally.


Light Detox for Summer 21-Day Detox Program

This is a 3 week course that combines nutrition, gut healing exercises and daily super-easy protocols to clean your gut naturally to get you feeling light, energized, and clean. This detox program is a simplified version of our complete cleanse detox program and if perfect to reestablish homeostasis in your body.


Everyday Change with Ilchi Lee: Simple Lifestyle Tips

Ilchi Lee shares simple yet life-changing philosophies that remind you of your true potential and empower you to harness it. These short but powerful lessons can be used in your everyday life for lasting change.

Live Class

Roadmap to Sustainable Living

Archive - Roadmap to Sustainable Living

Live Class

Energizing Yourself with Belly Button Healing

Archive - Energizing Yourself with Belly Button Healing


Light Detox for Summer Package

Feel light, get energized, and be confident with this light detox package! On sale until July 13!


Living Tao: Timeless Principles for Everyday Enlightenment Audio Book

Twelve lessons from traditional Taoist wisdom clearly illuminated for modern times.


Chakra Energy Cards

Get familiar with your 7 chakras and learn to balance your energy body with the Chakra Energy Cards.

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Positive transformations for body, mind and soul
Everything is made of energy, including you.
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