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Let's Move!

In this webinar, you’ll experience a range of mindful movements designed to help you move your blood, energy, and lymph even if you’re physically stuck at home.


At-Home Tools to Help Boost Immunity

Learn how to use the three essential tools from our toolkit for helping you boost your immune function through a combination of relaxation, gut massage, and heat therapy.


LIVE Q&A with Our Online Community

Do you have questions and want to talk to someone LIVE about your physical health, emotional happiness, or mental peace? Change Your Energy will broadcast a LIVE Q&A session on the first of every month to get your questions answered on the spot. Led by Creative Director, Linda Yoonjin, this will be a safe space where our online community can join and live chat with Linda to ask questions related to physical, emotional, and/or mental health.

Live Class

Session 8: Connect Book Meditation & Discussion

We’re resurrecting our book club with Connect by Ilchi Lee because now is a time when we all need to connect more. We’ll do mind-body exercises from the book to connect with ourselves. Then we’ll discuss the ways we can connect more in our daily lives and the issues that have been preventing us from making deep connections.


The Essential Guide to Wooden Pillows and Bolsters

Don't know which wooden pillow is right for you? Check out our essential guide featuring our exclusive collection of wooden pillows and bolsters to help you choose the right tool for you and relieve pain, tension, and stress based on your body's symptoms.


How to Incorporate Meditation Into Your Work Day

From attending meetings to chasing deadlines, your busy work day can get stressful. Fortunately, you have the power to combat those feelings through meditation. Meditation and mindfulness at work can help you quiet thoughts and can be easily incorporated into your routine. Here are some top tips for meditation in the workplace.

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