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Healing from Trauma

In this webinar, you will experience a mix of learning and mind/body training to start a foundation of releasing and healing from trauma.


Brain Education 101

In this 7-week webinar series, learn the basics of Brain Education, including each of the five steps and how to practice and master them.


Tai Chi with Dohun

This weekly Tai Chi class by experienced Body & Brain instructor Dohun Kim helps you calm your mind and emotions and experience the energy of your body.


Sun Poong’s New Sound & Rhythm Healing Album Is for More Than Just Listening

The Sound & Rhythm Healing album by Sun Poong offers primarily percussion music perfect for practicing mind-body exercises such as those taught in Body & Brain Yoga. Learn what you can do with this 9-track album.


The Surprising Benefits of Red Bean Hot/Cold Packs

Red bean is a natural food item with amazing health benefits, but did you know that it’s also beneficial in other ways too besides as a food? In East Asia, red beans (adzuki beans) are a common ingredient used to make hot/cold packs. You would think it would be rice, but actually, rice is more commonly used in the West for such purposes.

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