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Energy Basics

Energy Basics is designed for anyone new to energy principles, anyone looking to apply energy principles to their daily life, and anyone looking to refresh their knowledge on energy. Applying energy principles to your everyday life with these simple yet effective exercises will open your heart and your mind to the power you contain within to heal your life naturally.


Light Detox for Summer 21-Day Detox Program

This is a 3 week course that combines nutrition, gut healing exercises and daily super-easy protocols to clean your gut naturally to get you feeling light, energized, and clean. This detox program is a simplified version of our complete cleanse detox program and if perfect to reestablish homeostasis in your body.


Live Your Best, Most Empowered Life with 1 Minute Exercises

Doing just 10 repetitions of 1 minute exercises each day can truly help you discover your true nature, your self beyond the ego and expectations of daily life.


Combat Sitting All Day: 1 Minute Exercises for Mind, Body, and Soul

Taking just one minute out of each hour, over ten hours per day (total of just 10 minutes per day) can help you get your mind right and keep your body active.


Pre-Order Sale: I've Decided to Live 120 Years (Shipping Included)

Bestselling author Ilchi Lee’s new book stands out among the endless stream of self-help media. It is a beautifully-written blend of personal experiences, ancient Eastern wisdom, science, and concrete practical advice that will make you radically rethink your concepts about aging, health, and personal fulfillment.


7-Chakra Natural Gemstone Hexagonal Pendulum

Connect with your inner wisdom and 7 chakras with the power of the 7-Chakra Natural Gemstone Hexagonal Pendulum.


Rose Quartz Faceted Pendulum

Connect with your intuition and heal your energy body with the Rose Quartz Faceted Pendulum.

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Positive transformations for body, mind and soul
Everything is made of energy, including you.
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