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Secret Garden - Once in a Red Moon
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Product Description
A mature and at times moving work, Once in a Red Moon fortifies Secret Garden's stature as a marquee New Age act. The duo of Irish violinist Fionnuala Sherry and pianist-composer Rolf Lovland here refine their specialty of making classical/contemporary/Celtic mini–epics in small orchestral and choral settings. Moreover, each piece elicits reflection, celebration, or atonement with the divine.

Red Moon's mood of melancholy is stronger than usual--"Invitation" and "Fairytale" are the disc's only propulsive tracks—though there's an undercurrent of lamentation and reverence. Highlights include the gospel–fueled, Josh Groban–like "You Raise Me Up," sung by Brian Kennedy(Riverdance) and fittingly conducted by Steven Mercurio (musical director for Andrea Bocelli). And a riveting, slow–building plea for peace, "Elegie," features the voices of Anunaand a forceful, concluding piano chord—a composite of 66 C chords submitted by fans worldwide in response to an online invitation from the group. —Terry Wood

1. Awakening
2. You Raise Me Up
3. Silent Wings
4. Greenwaves
5. Invitation
6. Duo
7. Belonging
8. Gates Of Dawn
9. The Promise
10. Fairytale
11. Once In A Red Moon
12. Elegie
Product Summary
Once in a Red Moon is the fourth studio album by Secret Garden, excluding the compilation album Dreamcatcher, a of BEST OF.
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