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Heat Stone
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Product Description
The Heat Stone is a great way to keep warm during the cold winter months, but also to improve the body’s circulation year round. A cool head (water up) and a warm belly (fire down) is the optimal state for the body to be in alignment with proper circulation.

It can be used to activate and soothe the lower abdomen for better circulation as well as temporary relief of back pain, menstrual cramps, muscle sprains or sports injuries. The Heat Stone is also a great way to help alleviate the body of cold and flu symptoms.

The Heat Stone emits Far Infrared Rays, which studies have shown help enhance circulation in the skin, regulate sleep, ease pain, protect against oxidative stress and relieve inflammation.

It is odorless, smoke-free and although primarily designed to be used on the lower abdomen, it can be used most anywhere that is comfortable for you from the feet to the shoulders.


Remove the black cap on the Heat Stone to reveal the power cord (included in box) insertion point. Plug your 10A 125V female power plug into the device and your 3-prong power plug into a grounded outlet to charge. The indicator light next to the insertion point of the power cord will turn on when the battery is charging.

Charging should be completed in about 5 minutes (if indicator light does not shut off within ten minutes, please unplug). When finished charging, the power & light indicator will shut off automatically. Please disconnect the Heat Stone from the power outlet, and return your Heat Stone to the orange zippered bag for use.

The Heat Stone is designed to come into close contact with the human body, but should always be used inside of the orange cloth bag provided for use and should not be put directly on the skin. The Heat Stone should not be placed on furniture, leather, light colored or high quality garments. Do not wrap the Heat Stone in blankets or similar items as it may overheat the product.


Rated voltage: 120V 60Hz 340W
Charging time: About 5 minutes / Releasing time: 2 hours
Weight: Approximately 1 kg
Size: Diameter 22cm x 18cm
Main Material: Kaolin (tourmaline), vermiculite, ceramic, PE
Certification safety number: HC07096-11004B

Heat Stone Belt is sold separately here.

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Product Summary
The Electric Heat Stone weighted disc radiates far infrared rays to penetrate deep into skin and muscle tissue for warm, soothing relaxation. Use it as a heating pad anywhere on your body you want concentrated penetrating heat.

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