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Healing Energy Tea (Individual Teabags)
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Product Description
The special blend of liver friendly herbs makes this tea excellent for regulating blood sugar, eliminating toxins and aiding in weight loss. Its powerful antioxidants remove free radicals, act as a mild laxative and help burn body fat.

Our herbs are carefully processed with a special roasting technique which helps to preserve their phytonutrients, healthful plant substances, and natural taste.

Mago Healing Energy Tea is the perfect fusion of health and flavor to help you purify your mind and body.

How to Use:


  1. Put a single tea bag in a cup of 60-80 degree Celsius (140-175 degrees Fahrenheit) water
  2. Let it steep for 2-4 minutes

  • Weight loss and metabolism boost
  • Cleanses and tonifies liver
  • Boosts immune system to help fight off colds
  • Improves circulation for better heart health
  • Facilitates metabolic waste removal
  • Increases energy

Drinking Mago Healing Energy Tea enables you to live an active, energetic lifestyle.

All 12 herbs in this blend have been known to aid in removing free radicals in the body caused by pollution and processed food, as well as promote digestive and liver health and fight obesity.

Kuma-Zasa Leaf
This herb has traditionally been used to treat ulcers, inflammation, halitosis, oral putrescence, heartburn, boils, food poisoning, fever, and gastric ulcers.
Hardy Rubber Tree Leaf
This herb has been used to treat lower back and knee pain. It’s also known to aid in cleaning the liver and kidneys, thereby refreshing and strengthening the lower body.
Large-Fruited Adley
This ingredient has been used to cleanse blood and detoxify the body. It promotes the well-being of the digestive system, liver, and skin.
Loquat Leaf
Loquat contains Vitamins A, B, C, and B17 along with malic, tartaric, and citric acids which support human vision and dental health. It is rich in fiber, which can help in weight loss and ease digestion.
Chinese Boxthorn
This herb has been used as an essential Chinese folk medicine since the Heian Era.
Known as “cure all” in Japan. This herb has been known to remove internal free radicals caused by pollution and processed foods.
This herb contains rich fiber which helps cleanse the intestines and ensure proper bowel movement. It also helps expel internal toxins accumulated.
This herb is a member of the mint family. It enhances the natural glow of the skin and improves its overall health. As a result, Shiso is often used in lotions and moisturizers.
Persimmon Leaf
This herb is abundant in Vitamin A and fiber. It also contains a high level of natural sugar.
Nomame Senna
This herb has been used in Japan for decades to reduce the lipid absorption in the body, allowing for a simple way to lose weight and improve one’s health.
Mulberry Leaf
This herb contains high reserves of anthocyanins, which help increase antioxidant levels.
Lindera Leaf
Lindera has traditionally been used to allay the effects of respiratory disorders, arthritis, eczema, and other skin and topical wound conditions.
15 individual teabags
Net Wt. 0.79 oz. (22.5 g)

: Dokudami leaf, Hardy rubber tree seeds, Large fruited adlay seeds, Sicklepod leaf, Nomame senna leaf, Kuma-zasa leaf, Chinese boxthorn leaf, Mulberry leaf, Persimmon leaf, Lindera leaf, Shiso leaf, Loquat leaf


Product Summary
Mago Healing Energy Tea is a blend of 12 premium traditional Asian herbs to energize, cleanse, tonify and support liver health, improve circulation and eliminate of metabolic wastes.
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Healing Energy Tea
By faranak ghandeharizadeh. 6 months ago
“It has helped to cleanse my body!!!1”
By Geumnari C. May 4, 2015
“We love this tea!!! My dad always asks me to get this for him too!   Very energizing and relaxing at the same time.”
By Jaclyn ryan-mollica. Jan 14, 2015
“I just ordered this tea and was wondering how many calories are in a serving?”
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