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Jukbi Awakening Stick
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Product Description
Stay awake for the moment of your enlightenment with the Jukbi Stick. Inspired by the Zen Buddhist practice of hitting students with the stick to keep them alert, the Jukbi is fashioned of warm and beautiful solid cherrywood. Its slotted design makes a pleasing snapping sound as you use it to gently slap your back, shoulders or legs to increase circulation, move lymph or lightly massage tight or tired muscles. Use it for Qigong, sitting meditation or anytime you want to refresh your energy! Lovely engraved characters depicting the word 'Dotong' reminds trainees of its purpose, which is to always seek enlightenment.

Materials: 100% cherrywood
Dimensions: 17" long x 2" wide

Product Summary
Stimulate Qi, improve circulation and give yourself an instant massage with the Jukbi Stick. Used since ancient times in Buddhist practice to enhance meditation, complement QiGong and awaken the spirit.
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