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LifeParticle Stickers
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Product Description
The LifeParticle Sun forwards LifeParticles of unconditional love to anyone who sees it or visualizes it. Take the blessings of these LifeParticle stickers and attach them wherever you want. Bright light and waves of LifeParticles will help manifest miracles of healing and creation.

The LifeParticle Sun has a special power to heal and to revive all things. At the heart of the LifeParticle Sun is the bright red light of potential. Meditating with the visualization of the LP Sun will stabilize your brainwaves and calm your mind. Your body will relax and tension will melt away as you connect with the authentic self within.

LifeParticles are the smallest elementary particles that give rise to all life forms. They can be directed by the mind and serve as a bridge between a person's inner consciousness and the physical world. As you learn to access the power of LifeParticles, your intentions become reality.

The best way to receive or send LifeParticles is with a calm, open mind and a pure, sincere heart.

1 Set Contains:
4 sheets of 6 large stickers (diameter: 3.5 cm)
4 sheets of 16 small stickers (diameter: 2.2 cm)

Life Particles: The Building Blocks of the Universe

Product Summary
Magnify the healing power of the LifeParticle Sun by placing it anywhere and everywhere to draw powerful energy into your life.
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Positive transformations for body, mind and soul
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