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Power Brain Certification Level 1 Materials (Teachers Manual, Student Workbook, BE Binder)
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Product Description

This bundle of three books—Student Workbook, Teaching Manual and Binder—includes the materials you'll need for the Power Brain Certification Level 1 online course.

1. Blue Student Workbook

This is the workbook that we'll be writing, drawing and working in. This workbook has 15 lessons that correspond with the Teaching Manual.

2. Teaching Manual

The Teaching Manual includes a lesson plan, script and a flow in how to lead each of the 15 lessons for your students. These 15 lessons are designed to be taught through a 1 to 1.5-hour-long course. This is ideal for after school programs or working at community centers or with your own children at home.

However many of you I know are teaching in the classroom environment at school and are looking to utilize this program in bits and pieces throughout the day to help maximize your students focus, to help them their emotional wellness, their confidence and their creativity.

That's where the binder comes in.

3. Binder

  1. Introduction
  2. Teacher Resources
  3. Activities
  4. Content Lengths
  5. Full Lessons
  6. Appendix

The Introduction provides some scientific background information on how Brain Education works, as well as ways that the activities are integrated into the academic standards. It also includes information on how the lessons support multiple intelligence theory, as well as how Brain Education can enrich the great work that's already taking place in your school.

The Teacher Resources section includes some tips for your own health and wellness as well as some guidelines on how to create a harmonious classroom environment through positive discipline and collaboration.

The Activities section is the largest section in the binder. Here you'll find more than 60 activities organized according to the Power Brain 10 Themes. Team Building is first, followed by Physical Health, Focus, Mindfulness, Memory, Emotional Wellness, Confidence, Creativity, Character and Citizenship.

The Full Lessons tab includes the Teacher Manual for instructors who will be teaching the complete 15 lessons of the Brain Education program in 60 to 90-minute classes.

This is ideal for those of you who will be leading after-school Power Brain classes or teaching at a community or Body & Brain center.

Some of you will receive the green Teacher Manual as a separate book, while others of you will have the Teacher Manual printed as part of the binder under the Full Lessons section.

The Appendix section includes several graphics that correspond with various BE activities. Again, this appendix may be included in the green Teacher Manual, or it may be printed in the Appendix section.

Product Summary
This bundle of three books—Student Workbook, Teaching Manual and Binder—includes the materials you'll need for the Power Brain Certification Level 1 online course.
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Power Brain Cert. Lev. 1 Materials
By Skokie Manager. 3 months ago
“This is an invaluable resource. I check the activities often. There are so many games and activities that you cannot fall into a rut although the children want to do them over and over again. So every week I try to teach them a new favorite. It is great to see them grow while having fun.”
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