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Summer Breeze Shirt - White (Unisex)
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Product Description

Enjoy the summer breeze in this breathable 100% cotton, half-sleeve summer shirt, that is perfect for any occasion. The front of the shirt has beautiful, traditional embroidery detail and two knotted buttons for a casual chic look. It also features a convenient and stylish pocket. The 100% natural-dyed fabric won’t irritate sensitive skin and is environmentally friendly.

The design is inspired by traditional Korean style clothing called Hanbok. While fewer and fewer people wear the traditional garments, this modern adaption keeps the tradition alive.

Available Colors:
Forest Green
Indigo Blue
Nautical Blue


FABRIC: 100% Natural Cotton, 100% Natural Dye

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Hand-wash, hang-dry in shade

Made in Korea

Shirt Dimensions (inches):
Size Chest Length Shoulder
S 35 24 17
M 37 26 18
L 38 27 18.8
XL 41 28 19.6
XXL 42 29.5 20.2
Product Summary
This flowy and comfortable 100% cotton shirt is perfect for warm summer days and cool nights.
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