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Brain Wave Vibration: Audio Book with a Guided Training Session
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Product Description
Winner of a 2009 Arizona Book Publishers Association
Glyph Award

Winner of a 2009 Gold Medal in the Living Now Book Awards
Winner of a 2010 Silver Medal in the Nautilus Book Awards

Narrated by Kelly Dolan | Guided Training by Melissa Koci

Kelly Dolan has narrated a number of spiritually oriented audio books, including Wild at Heart and The Message

Melissa Koci is a certified Brain Education Instructor who has taught the method for over five years.

To learn more about Ilchi Lee, visit www.brainwavevibration.com.

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Product Summary
Catch the wave of the powerful brain fitness training that has already transformed thousands of lives. This audio presentation of Brain Wave Vibration provides tips for practice and a complete, easy-to-follow training session, as well as profound insights into the nature of human happiness and fulfillment.
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Positive transformations for body, mind and soul
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