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Citrine Crystal Geode - 0.9 lb
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Product Description

Citrine is the stone of manifestation, imagination and personal will. Placing this stone in your space (home, work, car etc) can help ground and transmute negative energy – making it highly powerful for bringing your dreams to life with intention and clarity.

The most naturally occurring in the quartz family, the golden yellow color helps to bring success, enthusiasm, happiness and power in your life. Gold touches something deep in our consciousness and has a highly mystical quality to it – encouraging us to go within and dream big.

Metaphysical Properties:
Transmutes and grounds negative energy, increases the amount of light surrounding the body and protects the aura. It is also useful in meditation to bring the Universal Life Force into the wearer's life.

Physical Benefits:
Stimulates the digestive system, spleen and pancreas to assist in proper flow of energy and toxin removal. Keeps skin, hair and nails, healthy. Relieves menstrual cramps and irregularity when taken as an elixir and can even help balance hormones. It also activates nerve impulses, helping clarity of thought and intentional action.

Chakra Association:
Solar Plexus (3rd chakra), Sacral Chakra (2nd Chakra), Crown Chakra (7th Chakra)

Zodiac: Birthstone of Cancer in early summer – from the summer solstice to late July

Dimensions: 6.0 x 3.0 x 1.8 inches
Weight: 0.9 lb

Product Summary
Transmute the energy of your space and heighten your ability to manifest with a Citrine geode cluster.
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