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Chakra Energy Cards
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Product Description

Each of the 7 chakras have different and distinct properties and influences on your life. Understanding the different aspects of each can help you gauge whether your energy body is in balance or could use some fine tuning.

The Chakra Energy Cards are designed to assist you in learning more about each chakra and also to help you detect imbalances. The cards can also be used in meditation to visualize the energy of a specific chakra and help you direct your focus and mindful attention to that chakra.

7 cards representing each chakra color, design and specific properties
1 poem card on the beauty and magnificence of the 7 chakras

How do you identify your strong and weak chakras?

Innate energy to maintain vital activity is always flowing through our bodies. The body has seven central channels for this bioenergy which are called "chakras." Chakra in Sanskrit means "wheel" or "circle." This is because life energy in the human body collects into whirling circular, wheel-like forms, centered on the location of each of the seven chakras.

The chakras are located along the spine, all the way up to the crown of the head. However, they don't exist in anatomically specific locations because they are a part of the realm of energy. The chakras are like a central utility pole with electric wires spreading out to different locations from the inner wall of the spine.

The seven chakras control the flow of meridians, channels of energy in our bodies. Regulating our autonomic nervous system, heartbeat, breathing, blood sugar, digestion, and saliva secretion, they are intimately connected with every part of our bodies. Our lives can be enriched if we manage our seven chakras, keeping them healthy.

Finding Your Strong and Weak Chakras Using a Pendulum

In this partner exercise, the person performing the test holds the pendulum so that it points to the center (Jangshim) of the palm of the person being tested. After moving the tip of the pendulum 1 cm above the testee's palm, you can check the condition of her chakras if you focus quietly, without moving the pendulum string. The person being tested focuses on the chakra they want to check, imagining that specific chakra in their mind.

If the pendulum moves in a big circle over the testee's palm, it means that the chakra is healthy and balanced. If it moves side to side, it means that the chakra's balance is imbalanced. If it does not move or moves very little, it means the chakra is experiencing a blockage of energy. And if the pendulum makes big circles outside of the palm, it means that the chakra is overactive, which should also be viewed as a state of imbalance.

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Product Summary
Get familiar with your 7 chakras and learn to balance your energy body with the Chakra Energy Cards.
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