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Light Detox for Summer Package
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Product Description

*This product is part of the Light Detox for Summer 21-Day Program (free for Premium Members). Learn more about this series here.

There are four hand-selected products in this unique detox program to help you amplify your health. 

  • Hamcho (Ginseng of the Sea) - Hamcho is excellent for helping the body better absorb nutrients, healthy weight loss, intestinal cleansing, and promoting gut health.
  • Hwangchil Tea - This ancient Korean tea is renowned for its wide range of healing properties including calming the nervous system, stimulating and tonifying the meridians, and promoting peace of body and mind.
  • Belly Button Healing Kit - This 3-piece kit contains a Belly Button Healing wand, detailed and illustrated How-to book, and a comprehensive online course.
  • The Solar Body Book - Ilchi Lee’s Solar Body Method consists of simple visualization, exercises, breathing, and mind-body observation of the mind for vibrant health, naturally.
Product Summary
Feel light, get energized, and be confident with this light detox package! On sale until July 13!
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Positive transformations for body, mind and soul
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