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Energy Magnets
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Product Description

Three egg-shaped magnetic products are 6.5cm long with carrying pouch composed.
* Why does Magnetism Meditation exist?

-Magnetism Meditation is a powerful meditation designed to help you to experience self-realization's reality and core of 'Life Particle' easily and quickly.

* Magnetism's Effect

-You will easily feel and be connected to a meditative state with the presence of the magnetic energy.

-Magnetism Meditation helps the natural healing power more active to give balance on mind and body by having an effect on brain waves and bio-magnetic field.

-Easier to concentrate and helps enhancing the concentration.

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Product Summary
Magnet is one of the tools that you can experience world of energy more effectively. By using a magnet, it will help people experience energy easily and powerfully even for people with lack of concentration. You will naturally understand meditation techniques in the process of communicating with people through energy, feeling energy by utilizing magnet amplifies that feeling, diffuses to other parts of the body. You can also maximize natural healing.
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Positive transformations for body, mind and soul
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