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Detox Healing Energy Tea
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Product Description
The Detox Healing Energy Tea is a premium blend of four East Asian ingredients, traditionally used to promote vitality, flush toxins and create peace of mind.This tea is made through a careful fermentation process using beneficial bacteria, which give it a mild, gentle taste with an earthy savory flavor, and just a hint of natural sweetness. This herbal tea aids natural digestion to eliminate toxins.

Characteristics of Fermented Tea:
Thanks to a fermentation process that uses probiotic microorganisms or fungi to obtain substances that are good for the body, this tea has the added benefit of promoting digestion and readily being absorbed by the body.

Meditation with Detox Healing Energy Tea:
Put one teabag of the Detox Healing Energy Tea in a cup or earthen teapot with water just above 200F (not quite to boiling) Let steep about 5 - 6 minutes, then pour into similar cup.This tea can be brewed hot or cold.
Take in the smooth aroma of the tea. Let it fill your senses as it relaxes your body and mind. With your first sip, hold the team momentarily in your mouth before swallowing with purpose. Feel the tea going down your throat, past your chest and into your lower abdomen. Take a slow deep breath, in and out. Continue this process. Feel your body and mind become more peaceful with each sip.

Traditional Uses:

These ingredients help to detoxify the body, maintain healthy bowel regularity and improve circulation.* Detox Healing Energy Tea is naturally caffeine and sugar free. Made of all-natural ingredients. Vegan. Gluten-free

Fermented Jeju Tangerine Peel:
Detox Healing Energy Tea Fermented Jeju Tangerine Peel

Tangerine peels have long been known to help prevent colds, help with fatigue and relieve issues with digestion. The savory, earthy character of the tangerine peel warms and protects the body and intestines, effectively promoting energy circulation from deep within the body.

Dan-Shen Root:
Detox Healing Energy Tea Dan-Shen Root

Called “red ginseng”, Dan-Shen is a medicinal herb known to have components that help improve circulation, relieve stagnant blood and have a calming effect on the mind.

Lady Bell Root:
Detox Healing Energy Tea Lady Bell Root

Similar in appearance to ginseng, this medicinal herb is known to have long been used to stabilizing the five viscera. It cools excessive heat in the body, eliminates thirst and impurities that may cause inflammation.

Wild Smilax:
Detox Healing Energy Tea Wild Smilax

Known for detoxifying, Wild Smilax is a medicinal herb known to help rid the body of heavy metals, enhance spleen function and promote clear, healthy skin.

Product Details:
Product name: Detox Healing Energy Tea
Quantity: 15 teabags Net Wt. 0.65oz (18g)
Food type: Infusion tea
Ingredients and origin: Jeju Tangerine Peel (from Korea), Dan-shen Root, Japanese Ladybell Root, Wild Smilax.
Taste: Savory, earthy flavor with mildly sweet overtones
Storage: Avoid moisture and direct sunlight. Store in a cool area in an airtight container
Distributor: HSPWorld

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.
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