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Traditional Korean Yoga & Tai Chi Pants - Navy Blue (Unisex)
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Product Description
Great for any season, this roomy traditional Korean style yoga pant can be worn year round. Available in Charcoal Gray & Navy Blue, they pair well with most any color top, from traditional Korean to American Contemporary. For just lounging around or hard at play, this versatile pant will be your favorite take along for everyday wear.

Durable and snug for greater flexibility, the lightweight fabric has ample legroom for and easy breathable fit. Whether stretching in class or just relaxing at home, the relaxed elastic waistband (with cuffs to match), stays put even when you don’t!

You'll love living in these pants.

  • Lightweight, machine washable 100% cotton
  • Wide elastic waistband with ample stretch
  • Elastic gathered cuffs with stretch
  • Gathered legs with soft ankle bands
  • Deep slit side seam vertical pockets
  • Forward side seams

HSP unisex womens and mens pants Yoga Pants exercise workout change your energy cye traditional style clothing

COLORS: Charcoal Gray / Navy Blue

FABRIC: 100% Cotton/ Made in Korea

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Machine wash with similar colors/Do not bleach/Do not tumble dry

*Read more about this style of clothing
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