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Okum Chun ki Necklace (45cm)
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Product Description
This healing Okum necklace contains the characters Chun Ki, which translates to “Heaven’s Energy.” This necklace is perfect for carrying with you the energies of heaven and can be a beautiful gift for a loved one.

What is Okum?
Made in Korea, Okum is a proprietary blend of three metals: 24K gold, silver, and copper. This blend contains the energies of fire, water, and earth that harmoniously resonate with each other to create healing energy.

Okum is very effective in purifying negative and stagnant energies. Wearing it on your body will boost your immunity, decrease stress, and help you experience mental & spiritual clarity. Okum also protects the body against EMFs (harmful waves from electronics).

What does Okum do to the body?
  • Detoxes harmful substances
  • Purifies the skin
  • Harmonizes the liver
  • Nurtures kidneys
  • Decreases harmful bacteria
  • Soothes the 5 major organs

Okum is effective in killing disease-forming bacteria.

Coliform bacteria comparison after 24 hours of exposure to okum.

Okum is effective in increasing circulation and energy flow.

Chain: 56cm long
Pendant: 27mm x 14mm (1in x 0.6in)
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