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Chakra Healing Temporary Tattoo
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Product Description

  • Price: $6.99
  • 3 Sheets 5" x 7"
  • This removable tattoo can be easily removed with baby oil or alcohol.
  • Non-toxic, Safe. (FDA, SGS approved)


Chakra Tattoo Visualization
(1) Apply tattoos for the 7 chakras on the right arm.
(2) Either sitting or standing, relax your shoulders and straighten your spine. Focus on your fingertips.
(3) Imagine light the color of each chakra entering your fingers and moving to each chakra, starting with the first one:
  • Right pinky – deep red – first chakra
  • Right ring ringer – bright red – second chakra
  • Right middle finger – yellow – third chakra
  • Right index finger – golden yellow – fourth chakra
  • Right thumb – green-blue – fifth chakra
  • Left index finger – indigo – sixth chakra
  • Left thumb – violet – seventh chakra
(4) After 1 to 3 minutes, breathe deeply 3 times.

Once your energy system is fully activated, your body's electromagnetic field is perfect and healthy. It acts as a protective shield of positivity and clarity that keeps negative information from bringing you down.

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Product Summary
Temporary Tattoos for Chakra Activation. Put these colorful tattoos of the seven chakra symbols on your body to draw in energy to fill each chakra. Non-toxic and safe for most skin types, they aid chakra visualization wherever you go.
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By Nicole Bracknell. Mar 17, 2015
“Cant wait to receive them”
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