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Wild Remedies Premium Instant Chaga Tea
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Product Description
Deemed the “Mushroom of Immortality” and “Diamond of the Forest“, chaga contains the highest antioxidant level of any natural food on Earth (when compared gram-for-gram). It has traditionally been used by healers and shamans in Russia, China, and Scandinavia for centuries to treat everything from lethargy to the common cold to intestinal pains and tumors.

This tea is ground up, dual extracted chaga harvested from Siberia. Comes in powder form in a tin containing 30 servings.

100% Vegan | 100% Wild and Hand Harvested

What is chaga?
Chaga is a mushroom that grows on birch trees in cold climates of the northern hemisphere. It’s rich in phyto-nutrients, vitamins and minerals including: B-complex vitamins, vitamin D, potassium, rubidium (rare trace mineral), amino acids, fiber, copper, selenium, zinc, iron, manganese, magnesium, and calcium

Top ways chaga helps your body’s natural ability to heal:
  • Supports the immune system
  • Boosts energy levels
  • Fights free radicals that can cause cellular damage and accelerate aging
  • Promotes skin elasticity and complexion
  • Reduces stress-related symptoms
  • Balances cholesterol levels and blood pressure
  • Combats skin problems such as psoriasis and eczema
  • Alleviates gastritis and gut problems
  • Supports the liver

Ingredients: 30g wild double-extracted chaga, 7g organic ceylon cinnamon

Usage Directions: Add ½ teaspoon of the chaga tea powder to a cup of hot (not boiling) water. Can be added to smoothies and other healthy treats.
Product Summary
Nature’s Most Powerful Antioxidant – A Mushroom to Support Healing, Anti-Aging, Stress Management, and Complete Wellbeing
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