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BHP Energy Healing Kit
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Product Description
This kit has everything you need to practice BHP Energy Healing, a self-healing meditation developed by Body & Brain Yoga founder and mind-body expert Ilchi Lee. BHP stands for Brain Education Healing Point. In BHP Energy Healing, you stimulate pain points on your body to tell your brain where imbalances and weaknesses are so it can correct them. Doing this strengthens your body and brain connection and your natural healing power, which is your body’s innate ability to maintain health and vitality.

Use the tools in this kit to discover and stimulate your BHPs.

What’s in the Kit?

Small Crystal Wand - A crystal with two small pointed ends for easy stimulation of BHPs on the fingers and toes. Different types of crystals are available, and one will be randomly sent.

Large Crystal Wand - A crystal with a narrower and a wider end for gentle stimulation of BHPs on the head. Different types of crystals are available, and one will be randomly sent.

LifeParticle Hologram Card - A 5 x 7-inch 3D sacred geometry image of the LifeParticle Sun, the source of the purest life energy, for enhancing the sending of energy.

Bird of the Soul Essential Oil - A blend of 17 oils that opens energy points, clears chakras, and awakens the mind.

Crystal Roller Ball Bottle - A 10-ml bottle with a roller ball applicator filled with rose quartz, which will transfer its warm and expansive energy to the essential oil.

Bottle Opener Tool & Pipette - Tools for easy and safe opening of the essential oil dropper bottle and transferring the oil to the Crystal Roller Ball Bottle.

Carry Pouch - A velvet, drawstring pouch for carrying your BHP Energy Healing Kit safely wherever you go.

How to Use This Kit for BHP Energy Healing

Practice this meditation flow to stimulate your brain overall and get the best results from BHP Energy Healing.

1. Before beginning BHP Energy Healing, use the crystal roller ball oil applicator to apply Bird of the Soul Essential Oil to major pressure and scent points: the crown of your head, your temples, the middle of your forehead, behind your ears, the inner side of your wrists, and the middle of your palms.

2. Sit with your back straight. Spend a couple of minutes breathing comfortably to allow the aroma begin to open the energy points on your body. Feel the sensations in your body.

3. Next, hold the LifeParticle Hologram Card in front of your eyes. Turn the card slightly so that you can see the image change. Imagine golden particles of light (LifeParticles) coming from the image into your brain and filling it completely, making it brighter, clearer, more open, and more positive.

4. After 2 minutes, use the smaller end of the Large Crystal Wand to press all around your head. Find the points that feel the most tense or painful: your BHPs.

5. Use either end of the Large Crystal Wand to repeatedly press and release each BHP for a minute or until the pain subsides. Feel your body and notice any changes. Exhale tension through your mouth.

6. Repeat this process with the Small Crystal Wand with BHPs just under the cuticles of your fingernails and then toenails.

7. Once you have stimulated all of the BHPs you can find, take another minute to relax and breathe, inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth, while concentrating on your body.

You can use this meditation anytime, even several times a day. If you are busy or not in a quiet place, simply find and press the BHPs on your head, hands, and/or feet.

You can also stimulate your BHPs further by applying Bird of the Soul Essential Oil to them and/or sending them energy with the card.

Learn more at BHPEnergyHealing.com
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