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Lower Back Bolster Kit
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Product Description
Now with an Illustrated Guide
Get the most out of the Lower Back Bolster with this comprehensive, illustrated guide. Includes exercises for specific health issues and morning and evening exercise flows. Use Wooden Pillow Exercises for Stiff Neck, Shoulder Pain, Spinal Health, and Relaxation as a health manual for all the aches and pains of life.

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Lower Back Bolster
for releasing pain and tension in the lower back
The Lower Back Bolster is a simple and safe way to restore the natural curvature of the spine and to ensure proper alignment of the lumbar vertebrae. It helps to release tension from the muscles of the lower back, which can become very tight due to stress or misalignment in the spine. Using this simple tool, you can help ensure that your back remains healthy and pain-free.
Lower Back Bolster
  • Releases pain and tension in the lower back.
  • Keeps the body in balance by recovering the natural curve of the spine.
  • Better posture and improved movement.
  • Improves posture and range of motion.
  • Enhances your natural healing power by stimulating the spinal nerves.
  • Improves the function of organs connected to the five lumbar vertebrae.
Woman lower back pain
Keep Your Back Strong and Healthy
Back pain is one of the most common chronic pain conditions today. Because most of us sit so much during the day, we are all very likely to experience lower back pain at some point in our lives. Because the body’s information highway—your nervous system—is protected by spine, back health is an important foundation for your overall well-being. Use the Lower Back Bolster to keep your spine healthy and strong.
lower back bolster
Helps You Release Back Pain and Muscle Tension
The curvature of the Lower Back Bolster is natural to the human back, and the lumbar spine is supported while the vertebrae are gently massaged and relaxed. Combined with gentle stretches, it helps you relieve lower back pain and muscle tension. It allows the usage of your own body weight to correct any misalignment of the spine.
Durable. Portable
Handcrafted with Premium Paulownia Wood
lower back bolster
The Lower Back Bolster is made of a special wood from the Paulownia tree, known for its strength and durability. It withstands decades of use, and is small and light enough to take anywhere, even in a suitcase. The Lower Back Bolster is expertly handcrafted in South Korea and preserves the wood’s natural, silky smooth feel.
Lower back meridians
Helps Energy and Blood Circulation in the Lower Back
Our Lower Back Bolster works on the same energy principles as acupuncture and acupressure massage, which have been used for thousand years. According to these practices, pain and illness result from blockages in the body’s energy system. The Lower Back Bolster helps to release blockages and stimulates energy flow in your lower back by activating and balancing the energy points around your lumbar vertebrae.
How to Use
Lower back bolster video
A simple way to relax your lower back with the Lower Back Bolster
  • Place the Lower Back Bolster flat on the ground, and gently lie down with your knees bent and feet on the floor. Bring your feet together and move the bolster under your back, directly behind the belly button.
  • Inhale and hold your breath as you press your back down on the bolster, stimulating the lower back area for a few seconds. Breathe out deeply and feel the pressure in your lower back as it releases tension. Do this for about two or three minutes.
  • Slowly lift your hips, remove the Lower Back Bolster and rest for two or three minutes with your back flat on the floor.
  • When you are ready to finish, slowly bring your knees to your chest and stretch your lower back.
wooden pillow
Related Course
Try the Wooden Pillow Experience online course and see 27 experiential, guided videos on how to use the Wooden pillow for head-to-toe healing with acupressure specialist, Donna Lovong as your talented and compassionate instructor.
Watch Now

*All wooden product shipments include a 40% discount coupon code for the Wooden Pillow Experience online course. (Wooden pillow, upper back bolster, lower back bolster and ankle massager)
Product Summary

Relax, strengthen and support your lumbar region with the Lower Back Bolster. Designed to support the natural curve of the lower spine, use it to massage and relax lower back muscles and promote vital Qi circulation for better health and energy.

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