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Golden Ring
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Product Description
The Golden Ring, composed of five rings of different sizes and weights, is a training tool for Chunmun (Heaven’s Gate) Meditation, allowing you to restore balance of body and peace of mind, rebuilds self-esteem, and brings bright consciousness within.

What is Chunmun?
Chunmun is a Korean term that indicates an energy point located in the crown of the head. It translates into Heaven’s Gate. In the ancient Sundo culture of the Korean people, the chunmun was considered so important that people would refrain from touching the crown of another person's head without permission. This is because they considered it to be a sacred place for accepting the energy of heaven, the crown of the head being at the highest point in the body and in contact with the sky.

Chunmun Meditation
Using a weighty object to facilitate focusing on the crown of the head, this meditative practice restores balance of body and peace of mind, rebuilds self-esteem and character, and brings bright consciousness within.

Benefits of Chunmun Meditation

Better Focus: Chunmun meditation improves concentration and facilitates meditation by causing your mind to focus on the crown of the head. Cool energy rises from the body to the head and warm energy sinks to the lower abdomen, hands, and feet, leading to a healthier body and clearer mind.

Body Alignment: Your body is balanced from the crown of your head to your lower abdomen. You become aware of the problems you've had in your body and day-to-day posture. You're charged with vital energy, giving you correct posture, and your energy matures, setting your heart and mind straight.

Calmer Mind: You will have greater sense of the condition of your body and brain and your energy flow will become balanced. You will recover stability of mind, attaining bright, clear consciousness.

Self-Esteem: Chunmun Meditation helps you develop the power to observe your thoughts and emotions. It will put you in charge of your brain, enabling you to manage it without being led by your emotions or external information. It helps you heal your body and mind and love yourself.


How to Do Chunmun Meditation

  • Raise your hands about 2-3 inches above your knees. Breathe comfortably.
  • Sitting in a chair or on the floor, put the Golden Ring on top of your head. Place your hands comfortably on your knees, palms up. Maintain this posture for at least one minute, without letting the Golden Ring fall off your head.
  • Now, close your eyes and try to feel the changes happening in your body and mind.
  • Your body will start balancing itself to keep the Golden Ring from falling. Your lower back will straighten as your body adjusts its horizontal and vertical angles. Sensing the weight of the Golden Ring on your head, extend the feeling down to your chest, and then into your lower abdomen.
  • Your brain instantly demonstrates its sense of balance and harmony and focuses on one point. You start to experience positive changes.
  • Your energy aligns in an interconnected pillar from your chunmun to your lower abdomen.
  • Then face your palms toward each other, and slowly and repeatedly move them farther apart and closer together. Feel the energy between them.
  • Start with about 1 minute of Chunmun Meditation, gradually increasing your time to 10 minutes or more. Once you're comfortable with maintaining your balance, stand up and sit down with the Golden Ring on your head, slowly and repeatedly.
  • Later, you can walk slowly as you do Chunmun Meditation. You can also use your computer or eat a meal as you do this practice.

Ring height 10.39”, weight 12 oz total
Ring 1 diam. 1.02”, 0.56 oz
Ring 2 diam. 1.42”, 0.74 oz
Ring 3 diam. 1.97”,1.80 oz
Ring 4 diam. 2.68”, 3.53 oz
Ring 5 diam. 3.50 ”, 5.29 oz

Gold plated on brass

Precautions for Use:
This product is a meditation tool. Keep out of reach of children. Use for intended purpose only.
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