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Crystal Water Bottle
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Product Description
Supercharge your water with the essence of crystals on the go. Each water bottle contains an amethyst or a clear quartz crystal that can help ignite the energy of spiritual creativity and serenity in your drinking water. Perfect for everyday use or as a unique healing gift.

  • Amethyst (Peace + Energy)
    Amethyst is a calming crystal for practicing meditation and creating serenity in one’s life. Associated with the crown (7th) chakra, amethyst is prized for its ability to help create balance, patience, and inner peace by stabilizing one’s emotions. Amethysts open the gateway to divine consciousness and higher intuition by providing clarity when there's confusion in the mind. This crystal can even help with cell regeneration, insomnia, mood swings, and immunity.

  • Clear Quartz (Clarity + Power)
    Clear Quartz is known as "The Master Healer,” and is a powerful healing stone that can be used for physical healing, consciousness expansion and for the unblocking and rebalancing of all chakras. This crystal resonates with the higher chakras, bringing in divine white light and connection to higher-self, higher consciousness, higher wisdom and unconditional pure love.

  • Bottle Weight: 485g (1lbs)
  • Holds 550mL (0.5L) of water

Product Details:
  • BPA Free
  • Antibacterial
  • Each crystal is hand-cut, so sizes may differ slightly
  • Made of shatterproof glass, food-grade stainless steel, and 100% natural healing crystal
  • Bottle has a twist-off base that holds the crystal, for easy cleaning
  • Glass bottle is dishwasher safe
  • Crystal is hand wash only

Do not add acidic liquid (such as lime or lemon juice) to the bottle. It is recommended to only use water in the bottle to not damage the crystal.
Product Summary
Supercharge your water with amethyst and clear quartz crystals on the go. Perfect for everyday use or as a unique healing gift. 
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