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Back Care Ilchi Calligraphy Exhibition

As part of our ongoing effort to empower you to change your energy and create the life of your dreams, we at Change Your Energy are offering this special Ilchi Calligraphy Art Exhibition for a limited time.

This is a rare opportunity to view and purchase the calligraphy art of Ilchi Lee-Change Your Energy founder, New York Times bestselling author, university president, and Tao energy master. Through the energy of Ilchi Lee's brush strokes, you can make your energy brighter and resonate with your true nature.

Ilchi Lee's original calligraphy or a beautifully framed reprints will be available from March 21 to April 30, 2019.

Original Artwork
One-of-a-kind artwork painted
by Ilchi Lee's hand.
Ilchi Lee Calligraphy Collection Originals
Reprint Artwork
Ilchi Lee's most-loved calligraphy printed to order on rice paper and framed in a modernized traditional Korean style.
Ilchi Lee Calligraphy Collection Reprint
Ilchi Lee Calligraphy Collection - About the Art
About the Art

Ilchi Lee made the original calligraphy with the techniques of the East Asian tradition with small to medium-tipped brushes on calligraphy paperboard made from fine handmade rice paper affixed to a hardboard backing. The paper is edged with gold paper or has gold paper defining a circle or fan-shaped brush space.

The reprints are printed on rice paper and matted in a traditional Korean style with a simple frame.

Frame sizes range from 20" x 16" to 25" x 21".

Message from the Artist

My soul is expressed whenver I pick up a brush, dip it in ink, and let it glide across paper. With my back and brush held straight, I relax into the flow of energy. The brush moves on its own, creating shapes and meanings I become aware of simultaneously. The wisdom and energy of life reveals itself freely moment by moment and is communicated in each brushstroke. I love this space and time for sending spirit and energy flowing into the world.

With these images, I hope every human being discovers their value and life force within them and expresses them in their lives.

Ilchi Lee Calligraphy Collection - Message
Ilchi Lee Calligraphy Collection - Ilchi Lee
Who Is Ilchi Lee

After experiencing his own enlightenment, Ilchi Lee sought to communicate the oneness with universal energy and universal mind that is the nature of all things. He realized the importance of the brain for experiencing this and the power it has to make our intentions manifest. Ilchi Lee developed his Brain Education system of training to enable people to experience this for themselves, and has written 42 books, developed numerous products, and founded several schools, businesses, and nonprofits for it. His calligraphy art is a reflection of all of his wisdom and experience, communicated through Chinese characters, English words, and spontaneous drawings.

How to Choose the Right Calligraphy for You

When choosing the best artwork for you at this time, look at each piece with a relaxed body and mind. Take a few breaths and feel the sensations of your body. What are they telling you? Do they feel better when you see specific artwork? Feel the sensations of your heart as well. Does your heart feel warm and open when looking at a particular piece of art? Are you able to feel energy? If so, what kind of energy do you feel from each artwork you see? If one or more of these pieces of calligraphy make your heart warm and open, your lower abdomen warm and strong, or positive energy sensations in your body, then those pieces are the ones that will add strength and healing to your life.

Rather than feeling each piece so deeply, another way to choose is to pick three that you like at first glance, then feel their energy in detail and select the one you like the most.

Ilchi Lee Calligraphy
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