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Belly Button Healing Kit (Book, Wand & Course)
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Product Description
Belly Button Healing Kit
(Book, Wand & Course)

The 3-piece Belly Button Healing kit has everything you need to heal your body naturally, using the power of your “reset button”! Just 5-minutes a day of this revolutionary method can help you achieve total body health!
Developed by CYE founder and international mind-body expert, Ilchi Lee, Belly Button Healing is the regular and mindful stimulation of the entire abdomen using the navel as the point of contact to relieve pain in the body, release toxins, improve digestion, boost energy and elevate mood.
Just below the surface of your button lies...
Belly Button Healing
  • 90% of the body's serotonin - the happiness hormone
  • 50% of the body's dopamine - the joy hormone
  • An extensive network of fascia tissue (holds all your organs together)
  • About a third of the blood in the body
  • Enteric Nervous System
  • Digestive System
  • Lymphatic System
Benefits of Belly Button Healing
Benefits of Belly Button Healing
  1. Promotes blood circulation
  2. Warms abdomen, increases body temperature
  3. Improves digestive and excretory functions
  4. Relaxes body and mind
  5. Increases immunity and detoxification
  6. Boosts physical vitality
  7. Clears head and improves concentration
  8. Relieves pain and tension in joints
  9. Expands physical and mental well-being
  10. Makes skin lustrous and smooth
  11. Creates feelings of centeredness
You Should Try Belly Button Healing if You:
Reasons for Belly Button Healing
  • Have digestive issues, IBS, frequent constipation or diarrhea, or a weak stomach
  • Have tense muscles or residual pain from a previous injury
  • Have drastic mood swings or feel depressed
  • Want to balance hormones
  • Frequently experience stress
  • Want to cool off the head and heat up the belly
  • Want to improve your digestion
  • Are looking to reconnect to your authentic self and strengthen your mind/body connection
Belly Button Healing Can Improve Gut Health
Improve gut health
While it may sound strange at first, the belly button is actually incredibly important to your gut and overall health.

Why is Gut Health Important?


Your gut is known as your 2nd brain and hosts a plethora of neurons, nerves that directly linked to the brain, major arteries and hormone producing glands.

As the center point of your gut area, the belly button is like the gatekeeper to this inner world of health and vitality. In East Asian Medicine, major energy lines, or meridians, run through the abdomen, so when you stimulate your belly button, energetic blockages are released.
Gut Health = Total Body Health
The belly button is energetically connected to every organ and body part. You can target different pain points around the body by focusing on and stimulating the corresponding point in the navel.
The 8 Sections of Belly Button Stimulation
By stimulating your belly button at these different angles,
you can directly influence the condition of important body parts and organs:
belly button stimulation sections
Belly Button Healing goes far beyond the physical belly button...
Belly button healing wand video
Molded from Ilchi Lee’s original design using a branch from the sacred Hwangchil Tree, this belly button healing wand was developed specifically to help you reach all the points in the navel with comfort and ease.
The ergonomic design and different sized points allow you to massage and stimulate the gut without straining your shoulders and growing tired.
The combination of the belly button book, wand, and online
course makes it easy to make Belly Button Healing a
part of your everyday life.
Belly Button Book
Illustrated How-to Belly Button Healing Book
Learn the Hows and Whys of Belly Button Healing from the anatomical to the spiritual. Step-by-step guidance and illustrations will take the "guess work" out of your daily internal workout.
Belly Button Healing Wand
Belly Button Healing Wand
This wand really is magic! Using it will allow you to reach points within your belly button to release and relieve tension, stress and blockages. Its ergonomic design and different sized ends make doing a daily internal workout easy and effective.
Belly Button Healing Course
Belly Button Healing Online Course
This experiential course will guide you through applying the Belly Button Healing method to your everyday life, anytime, from anywhere! Practice along with a certified instructor to get the most out of your daily internal workout.
The Belly Button Healing kit has a total value of $141 - but you can get it for just $99.
The Secret to Health Is In the Belly Button
Belly button healing wand video
3-Minute Daily Belly Button Healing for Gut Health
Belly button healing wand video
Belly Button Live Class
Related Webinar
Watch the recordings of the free webinar with Hanwoori,
“Intro to Belly Button Healing”
Product Summary
This kit has everything you need to thoroughly experience the benefits of Belly Button Healing—a revolutionary method of rejuvenating the immune system, digestion, management of hormones, blood circulation, and much more, for total body healing.

The coupon code to access the Belly Button Healing online course will be included inside your Belly Button Healing Kit shipment.
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Belly Button healing wand
By Mané Andreasyan. Oct 22, 2016
“I was initially hesitant to use the Heaing Life to because I was so unfamiliar with it, but after a few days of sincerely using it and exploring what I felt, I immediately experienced its benefits. I use it everyday now, and it is healing my digestion and reducing my stress. I take it to work with me and use it before I sleep. It's the best sleep aid. Get it, use it, share it. ”
By Sohyung EJ. Jul 21, 2016
“It helps me relaxing so easily just 2 minutes. I can't go to bed without this. ”
By Erica Holmstrom. Jun 17, 2016
“Sometimes I have too much heat in my head and this belly button healing wand truly helps me release the tension and heat from my head. I'm so grateful for such a simple tool with so many powerful ways to heal! ”
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