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What is LifeParticle?

The LifeParticle Energy Principle

Turn In To Your Infinite Possibilities

energy consciousness Energy & Consciousness.

Are energy and consciousness the same thing, or two separate things?

If you expand an atom to the size of a football field, the nucleus at the center of the atom is about the size of your thumbnail. What is between the nucleus and the outer boundary of the atom is space. This means you are virtually empty. If you go one step further, below the atomic level, the distinction between matter and energy disappears and you become 100% space with nothing really solid in it. Deep down, there is no separation. There’s only one space, one energy, and one universe. However, this is not just empty space. Instead, it is full of energy fluctuating with limitless probabilities which manifest in response to observation by conscious mind. Energy and consciousness is the basis of reality.

Yet, at this point in our human evolution, we still cannot see energy and consciousness.

The LifeParticle concept represents the unity of Energy-Consciousness. This energy-consciousness, when it flows through an organic system that can conduct its flow, creates the phenomenon of life. Eastern culture has held this belief for thousands of years, built theories to understand the human body energetically and developed very intricate methodologies to heal the system and maintain its healthy balance. The foundation of this energy system in the human body is explained by using different names such as meridian system or Chakras; they basically are based on the same understanding that the universe consists of Energy-Consciousness.

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Positive transformations for body, mind and soul
Everything is made of energy, including you.
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