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Ja Kum Incense (120 sticks)
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Product Description
The blend of spices in this traditional incense promotes a soothing and deeply calming environment for improved sleep. By cleansing toxins in your body, the scent and smoke from the Ja Kum incense makes you feel light and magically inspired while improving Ki circulation. It subtly vibrates the soul and lifts the spirit.

“Ja Kum” means mystic gold or most precious.

A tradition steeped in the ancient culture, incense from Korea uses only the purest herbal ingredients with no chemicals. They can be used to create a space for meditation or to welcome guests.

Incense has its roots in mankind's first experiences with fire itself. It is unlikely primitive man would have missed the fact that certain woods had more pleasing aromas and indeed varying emotional effects. Incense artifacts, thousands of years old, have be found in throughout the world, and appear to be a part of virtually every culture.

120 sticks included in box.

Herbs in Ja Kum Incense
  • Betony wood

  • White Sandalwood

  • Secret ancient blend

Specific Benefits

  • Soothing and calming to the senses

  • Cleanses toxins in the body

  • Makes the body feel light and refreshed

  • Improves sleep and makes falling asleep easier

  • Improves Ki energy circulation

  • Natural, chemical free air freshener

All of CYE's Incense are so natural that the sticks are even edible!

  • 100% of ingredients are top-grade natural herbs

  • Safe enough to ingest

  • NO chemical ingredients, binders, preservatives or additives

  • Bonding material made solely from medicinal trees

Product Summary
Release energetic blockages in the heart and improve healthy blood circulation with the soothing scent of Ja Kum incense.
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