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I've been placed from house to house
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Hi, I. Bi polar. PSTD. Schizo, homelesz

thank you .m Li da




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Hi ! Linda, 

Its an honoring to be in communication with you, since I have seen a lot of your videos & have benifitted from them. My center is Missouri City, TX & I absolutely love it. Since I am a perfectionist & a clean freak too & give my 200% in doing any thing, may it be yoga, cooking, caring for old parents & grand kids. My problem is that I get extremely anxious if people around me are not doing the right thing & are procrastinating over simple chores. How do I train myself to not let these every day trivial matters NOT bother me? I know I have to fix myself & not others. See you later today 


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I am very disappointed. The times that you post aren't accurate. You show Arizona times different from Pacific as an hour later than Arizona time. This time of year, we are the same time. I chose the Arizona time, as that is where I live.  Then I go to sign in and it states that the time was at 5:30, instead of the posted time of 6:00.That makes no sense, since it is on the half hour, insted of ON the hour. I missed the live Q and A. This is the second time that this has happened. Please look at your website times and be sure that they are true.  Thank you for hearing /reading my complaint. I hope to be able to participate,if I can know the real time of the presentation.
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Hey Kathy, sorry you missed the class. The LIVE Q&As are every 1st of the month at 5:30 PACIFIC Time. I hope to see you in the July LIVE Q&A!
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