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Vocal Healing: Calming an Overactive Brain with Your Own Voice

Let's explore how the vibrations of your voice can release overactive energy, slow down your brain waves, and allow your body's natural healing abilities to take over.

Glow Up Your Energy Body

Experience natural healing and vitality with exercises from Ilchi Lee's book, The Solar Body: The Secret to Natural Healing. These techniques will purify your energy, allowing you to shine brighter.

Energy Tapping for Emotional Release

Join us for deep Whole Body Tapping to vibration music to release the emotions stored your body that are holding you down.

How to Make Decisions with Clarity and Discernment

See how to develop the ability to be clear about what you want, what you know, and what direction to go in.

Meditation and Journaling for Self-Discovery

Discover the essence of who you are and awaken your full potential through a combination of meditation and journaling exercises.

How to Uncover Your Clairsenses

In this illuminating webinar, intuitive healer and medium Yolessa Lawrinnce takes you into the realm of the clairsenses. You'll learn how the clairsenses work and how to uncover your most dominant one.

Illuminate Your Soul: Energy Healing Painting Experience

Immerse yourself in the therapeutic act of painting, guided by principles of energy healing art. In this webinar, you’ll connect deeply with your inner essence, expressing and healing yourself under the gentle guidance of an expert energy artist.
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