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Know Thyself through Your Energy Cycle

Know Thyself through Your Energy Cycle
What’s really going on inside you? Sometimes your own thoughts and preconceptions can get in the way of seeing yourself clearly and finding the best way to manage your wants, worries, and dreams. If you understand what goes on during your body’s natural energy cycle, however, you can get a more honest look at how you’re processing information, what choices you’re making, and what you’re manifesting in your life. With that awareness, you can make more deliberate choices and avoid getting stuck in your life.

The normal major energy circuit in your body runs down the center of your front and up the center of your back. It’s called “Water Up, Fire Down” because your heart makes warm energy that goes down to your lower energy center between your hips and then up to your kidneys. Your kidneys then cool the energy and send it up to your head and back down to your heart to complete the circuit.

Each section of this cycle corresponds to different aspects of the process of creating something in your body or your life. It’s a process of connecting your mind and body and opening your chakras. The steps of this process are:

Awaken - start to bring your mind into your body and become more aware of it.
Feel - be able to feel all of the sensations in your body.
Watch - become a detached observer who can not only feel but notice your thoughts, words, and actions.
Accept - accept everything you see and feel without judgment.
Choose - make a goal, either short-term, long-term, or lifelong, or pick the next step you want to take.
Act - move your body and do something to make your choice happen.
Evaluate - see what happens as a result of your actions and notice what preconceptions you have had. Compare your preconceptions to your choice and see whether they empower it or hold it back.
Create - achieve your goal or vision.

Most people are not really aware of their body. They are mostly paying attention to what’s outside themselves, sometimes even when they are sick or in pain. To change your energy and be a conscious creator of your life, however, your mind needs to be connected to the phyiscal vehicle through which it acts in the world. So the first step is to Awaken your mind to the body by stimulating your body, for example, by tapping it with your loose fists or cupped hands, and Feel your body as you do it. As you do this, energy will more easily flow down from your head into your chest, and you’ll be able to see, or Watch, the thoughts, emotions, and energy in your body better.

Once energy flows down further to the major energy center in the lower abdomen, you’ll be better able to accept and not run away from everything you are watching. When you can accept everything, more energy will flow past this energy center, down to your first chakra, and up to your tailbone. Then you’ll be able to choose. You’ll loose your indecisiveness and confusion over what you want to do.

With your choice, energy can travel up to your kidneys, and then you have the power to act. After you start taking action, your energy will move all the way to the top of your spine where it meets your brain stem.

We all have a lot of preconceptions stored in our spines that have built up throughout our life. They are our concept of the world and the lenses we view it through. As energy starts to move through it, those preconceptions will be released, meaning they will be more obvious and visible. This is your chance to evaluate your preconceptions against your choices. Do they seem valid based on what you want in your life or are they sending you down the opposite path?

The more you evaluate your preconceptions, the more energy is able to travel up your spine and ultimately to the top of your head. The major energy point that sits in the center of the top of your head, called the Baekhwe in Korean, and also known as Governing Vessel 20 in acupuncture, then opens, and a line of energy opens through all of your chakras and your brain stem also opens. With this opening, you have creation power—the ability to manifest your goals.

Try using this circuit in your own life. The key is the energy center in your lower abdomen. Tap it to bring your mind to your body and get your energy flowing through all of the steps in this cycle. Stay aware of your energy flow and the inner blocks that come up in your daily life. With your greater awareness of body and energy, you can better manage your energy to manage your life.
Written by Ilchi Lee
A visionary, educator, author, and founder of ChangeYourEnergy.com, Ilchi Lee has spent nearly three decades helping people create better lives for themselves. Lee has created Body & Brain Yoga, Brain Education, and hundreds of other wellness programs and methods. A model for the self-improvement he teaches, Ilchi Lee is continually changing and continually creative. Keep up with Ilchi Lee on his blog at http://www.ilchi.com.
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