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After Successful Launch, Live Class Debuts New Events for May

After Successful Launch Live Class Debuts New Events for May
Since the successful launch of the new Live Class service, ChangeYourEnergy.com is revealing an additional month's work of free and featured Live Class events.

Through Live Class, people from all over the world are given real-time access to our energy healing experts and their various specialties, including yoga, meditation—even singing.

Lessons are specially designed to awaken your energy and heal your body, mind and spirit. In addition, students will have the ability to participate in online chat sessions with their instructors during each Live Class event.

Live Classes for the month of May will begin on May 6. Premium Members can enjoy at least five different live, online classes each week.

Throughout the month, Master Instructors Chungsuk, Banya and Chunghae will lead a total of six classes focusing on meridian exercises, collaborative healing and awakening hope to reconnect to your soul.

If you enjoyed the classes and instructors you met during April Alive, you can continue to benefit from their unique skills in May, as well. David Driscoll, Aragorn, Jordan Diamond, Maureen Godfrey, Vladimir Ivzhich and Adahae Guadagni will all return as Featured Instructors.

Other featured instructors include Sandra Moreno, who leads a Spanish language yoga class, Michelle Moon who will teach Brain Wisdom, the 6 weeks' body and mind healing practices, and Jiu Jung, who hosts group energy healing session.

Premium Members can enjoy unlimited access to featured classes. In addition, one class lead by each Featured Instructor will remain free and open to the general public.

This month, ChangeYourEnergy.com will also introduce four new Live Class instructors. New instructor classes will be free and open to the general public.

On May 12, Danielle Swanson will launch her free class Healthy Living, focused on weight management and healthy body creating. Instructor Sunshine will lead Fun and Loving Core Exercise on May 13. To help increase your ability to sense and balance your energy, instructor Gi Jeuk will lead a class in Magnetic Meditation on May 14. And instructor Amy Lange will link energy exercises with the joy of singing through her class Sing or Chant in Tune.

Visit the Live Class main page in order to view a full schedule of our Live Class events, learn more about our instructors and find the live classes that suit your needs as well as your schedule.

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Mon, Jul. 22, 10:00-11:00AM EDT
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