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A Journey of the Spirit

A Journey of the Spirit

Change is a journey…

Almost two years ago we began work on a film that would evolve into Change: The LifeParticle Effect.

There is no bigger team sport than filmmaking. It takes more than one person to make a movie.
Writers, Director, Producer, Camera, Grip, there are so many roles…so many players…usually…

Being a fearless bunch we decided to do it with a small team…Ilchi Lee, our Executive Producer and originator of the idea, thought we could do it. He believed. He pushed us to create something that was meaningful; something that would reach out to humanity. He wanted to move the world more than he already had.

We worked. We traveled all over America. We saw New York and the East Coast during Hurricane Sandy. Ice and snow in Washington D.C. We watched seals sun themselves in San Francisco. All the while, we filmed…sleep…that was for later.

After everything was filmed, in the can as we say…the real work began…the assembly and connection of the ideas. Deciding what works and what doesn't. It is one of the most difficult processes in creating a movie because if you have done your job right, there is more footage and moments than you need.

I did what I like to do…I started cutting…getting feedback…cutting some more…the rough cut…the first cut…the fine cut…the final cut…steps on the journey.

Suddenly it was done…finished. We couldn't believe it. Seven months had passed. We had a film.

We breathed a sigh of relief…our baby was ready…we sent it out into the world and it was greeted with open arms.

Jakarta, New York, Costa Rica…film festivals wanted it…people were talking about it…Change was everywhere.

Change was moving…it was becoming bigger…moving more and more people…making people see what the world needed…change.

We were happy…not satisfied...but happy.

Why weren't we satisfied? We had just finished the film, it was well received; we should have been satisfied, right? We weren't…there was more to do.
Could we go further? Was it possible? What would be next?

Ilchi Lee knew. He was so encouraged by what we had done, that he asked for more.
So we began again… the experience of the first film fresh in our minds to lead us…
We moved faster...alignment of ideas came quicker…like minds converged for a singular purpose…

Interviews were set up…travelling began and those interviews were filmed… suddenly five months later…the rough cut of the sequel to Change: The LifeParticle Effect was complete.


I'm not sure how it's possible to feel scared and excited simultaneously, but there it is all the same.

Being a creator, I wish to inspire, to make people believe in themselves and the possibilities that exist within.

I rarely like what I've created. I'm picky. I'm critical. I'm a perfectionist; yet I liked the first version more than I expected…I was inspired and uplifted…sequels are supposed to improve on the original…I think we have.

Change is a journey… and one that still continues.

We were blessed to speak with Neale Donald Walsch for our first movie and we were lucky enough to talk with him again. He is amazing, insightful, and always thought provoking. This is an excerpt from our conversation with him.

Written by Dylan Marshall
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