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Change II : Robert G. Mays, NDE Researcher

Change II Robert G Mays NDE Researcher
Change is a Journey…

Our desire to learn about Death and human perception had only just began.

We had not left the International Association for Near Death Studies. Why would we? Diane Corcoran had been incredible and her researcher, Robert Mays had even more to offer.

A quiet man with an easy manner, Robert was immediately likeable.

Robert has a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry from MIT. He worked in software development at Eastman Kodak Company and later at IBM Corporation for more than 20 years, where he became their Senior Software Engineer.

After Robert left IBM, he taught high school chemistry for several years at different Waldorf schools in the U.S.. He is now retired from teaching, but not researching.

He and his wife Suzanne B. Mays have studied, and continue to study, NDE’s. They have been examining these phenomena together for over 30 years, even though neither one of them has had the experience.

Their research into Near Death Experiences, consciousness, and Phantom Limb phenomenon is extensive, well written, and engaging.

One of the many papers that he and his wife have collaborated on, “A Theory of Mind and Brain that Solves the ‘Hard Problem’ of Consciousness” is an incredible piece of reading that I highly recommend. Frankly, it will expand the way you think about consciousness and the brain. A google search is all you need to do and you will find that paper and their body of work.

In this snippet from our interview, Robert speaks about the evidence that NDE’s show us about the subtle interaction between the Brain and consciousness.

Written by Dylan Marshall
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