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Be the Maker of Your Mind's Movie

Be the Maker of Your Minds Movie
The mind is like a giant multidimensional screen, or MindScreen, on which an inner observer watches the movie of your life. Whether that observer is a passive observer or an award-winning producer of the movie determines the quality and scope of your life.

Some of the many functions of your brain are as a video camera, video editor, and video projector. Your brain is always at work taking information in from the outside, cataloging, arranging, and storing it, and then choosing which bits to play on the screen of your mind. By being aware of this and using this video equipment and screen proactively, you can choose what film is made. You get to decide the plot, the characters, and the happy ending.

Your choice matters because the movie that plays on your MindScreen influences the functions of your brain, and consequently the health of your body. It determines how you interact with the world, and consequently, how the world responds to you.

The movie in your mind does not only affect your perspective or world view. It is something you can use actively to achieve a goal. Many people already do this. Top athletes, and even influential speakers such as John F. Kennedy, visualize what they will do and how they will do it before a big event or speech. There are even students in South Korea who have learned to record what their teachers say as if they were really recording a video. Later they play back the video on their MindScreen, extract the important footage, and make a new video that they can repeat and even play back during a test. Your mind is this powerful when you know how to use it.

The key to using your brain and your mind with intention and creativity is meditation. Meditation is mind training to become the best film producer. This kind of mind training is not simply sitting and breathing, however, although that can be helpful. Mind training for life creation and goal achievement involves remembering the guidelines for using your Brain Operating System and the five steps of Brain Education. It also includes using visualization and sending LifeParticles, which are particles of energy, matter, and consciousness, to what you picture to influence the manifestation of a certain reality.

Making a Blockbuster

The mind power to manifest something in actuality does not come from the superficial levels of your conscious mind, however. If that is all you play on your MindScreen, then that movie will only remain in your mind. There is too much going on in the depths of your consciousness, or in other words, on the many levels of your MindScreen, for superficial or inconsistent imaginings to have a real affect on the whole, especially if what you want is very different from your current external reality.

When you go deeper into your mind, you discover the vast realm of your unconscious mind. Deeper than that lies the universal mind, which knows all. In order to have the information and power you need to affect the workings that go on outside of your body, you need be aware of what lies in your unconscious mind and access the limitless knowledge of the universal mind. That’s when the dimension of your MindScreen expands from the superficial and personal to the vastness of everything, and you have the wisdom and understanding to make the best movie. A movie made with a connection to the universal mind is one that is not only good for you, but is in harmony with all of creation.

Physically, accessing the universal mind happens through the activity of our brain stem, which corresponds to your sixth chakra and connects with your third eye. Accessing the universal mind also involves the slowing down of our brain wave frequency to a theta level (4-8 Hz). When your brain produces theta waves, your awareness rests somewhere between the conscious and unconscious layers of your mind. In that state, your cognitive abilities improve; you exhibit outstanding physical performance; you can experience deep insight; and you may have a burst of creative thought or problem-solving ability. I’ve called that state of mind the zero point because in that state, your ordinary thoughts and emotions are quiet, you feel balanced, and your perspective is unhindered by preconceptions or judgment. To get there, requires meditation such as Brain Wave Vibration.

MindScreen Visualization

The best time to practice MindScreen Visualization is before you begin your day. After doing some relaxing exercises to slow down your brain waves, sit comfortably on the floor or on a chair. Close your eyes and turn on your MindScreen by projecting a vast visual plane in your mind’s eye. Light up the video projector and illuminate the screen by imagining bright particles of light, or LifeParticles, shining on your MindScreen.

Now, display the important things you need to accomplish today on your screen. While you are doing that, you may get ideas and inspirations about how you can achieve them. These are positive scenes you can splice into your movie.

You can also project the faces of the people, or your movie’s main characters, that you will meet that day and picture bright LifeParticles going to their image to give them loving and healing energy. Images and insights about what you should say to them and how you should treat them could very well come to mind at that time.

Turn on your MindScreen in this way whenever you wish to create something. If there is something you want—health, happiness, improved relationships, changed habits, material abundance, achievement, or whatever—display it on your MindScreen, and then imagine it being achieved successfully. For example, if you have a job, try turning on your MindScreen and rehearsing an upcoming meeting or presentation.

You can bring anything, anyone, or any situation to your MindScreen and nurture your intentions by sending it LifeParticles. Your MindScreen, a 360-degree hologram, is a place to make your visualization more tangible with the great assistance of LifeParticles. Your MindScreen hosts and channels LifeParticles wherever and to whatever your mind directs them.

With enough practice, your brain can always be in a deeper theta state and your MindScreen can remain in a creative dimension in which you are actively producing your movie at all times.

Written by Ilchi Lee
A visionary, educator, author, and founder of ChangeYourEnergy.com, Ilchi Lee has spent nearly three decades helping people create better lives for themselves. Lee has created Body & Brain Yoga, Brain Education, and hundreds of other wellness programs and methods. A model for the self-improvement he teaches, Ilchi Lee is continually changing and continually creative. Keep up with Ilchi Lee on his blog at http://www.ilchi.com.
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