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New Animated Bird of the Soul Storybook

New Animated Bird of the Soul Storybook
An open heart and warm smile is sure to change your energy and get it flowing. That’s the effect of a new twenty-minute animation based on Ilchi Lee’s book, Bird of the Soul, which will be released on YouTube on Friday, October 3, 2014.

Like the book, which includes a meditation CD and journal, the animation of Bird of the Soul reminds viewers of the importance of staying connected to their deepest inner voice, their soul, which is always offering encouragement and advice. That voice is represented by a sweet bird played by voice actress Kira Buckland. The bird also represents the sense of freedom found when we keep our ears open to our soul. That freedom comes from a deep trust in ourselves and the courage to imagine what we really want.

The main protagonist in the story, Jay, who loses touch with his soul as he grows up and focuses outside of himself more and more, is played by voice actor Steve Warky Nunez. The action of the story reaches a climax when Jay has achieved what would commonly be called a “good life,” but isn’t really happy.

Originally produced in Ilchi Lee’s native South Korea, the English dubbed version of the animation features two original songs by composer Chris Yanson that are sung by Ms. Buckland. The dubbing was directed by Paul Yanson.

Here’s a sneak preview of the animation and the spirit of the book featuring one of the new songs.

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