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Problem Solving: 4 Ways to Turn Problems Into Creative Solutions

Problem Solving 4 Ways to Turn Problems Into Creative Solutions
Puzzled by life's problems? Once we gain a better grasp on problem solving, we start to see that the missing piece may be hiding in the question itself.

We cannot dictate or control every situation in our life - this is true. However, we are completely capable of dictating how we deal with situations.

By looking at the problem in a different way, being interested in what elements for change it presents to you, you can resolve your problem more quickly.

Some New Ways to Look at Old Problems Through a Problem Solving Lens

Some New Ways to Look at Old Problems Through a Problem Solving Lens


Take a step back and assess your issue. Is it really a problem, or just a set of circumstances to navigate? Did your car require a trip to the shop the same day you were scheduled to be the carpool driver for your hiking club field trip?

Don't just give up. Here's an opportunity to get to know the other members and club administrators! See who's got a car to lend and offer a trade in kind for the future.

Ultimately, the more you look at setbacks as opportunities to reevaluate and reorganize, the more you'll find yourself saying, "I have happy problems”. As a result, as your problem solving ability improves, you start to see ‘problems’ as opportunities to grow.


Just as in creative visualization it helps to be specific or detailed, so does asking a good question. Summarize your specific problem: "I need lower car payments to get my budget in line," vs. "I need more money," for example. The more bite-sized your problems, the more manageable they'll become.

Try this exercise for turning a problem into an exciting quest. The question "How can I find more love," for example, can be turned into the statement, "Love is out there, waiting to be found." What self-loving thing can you do to make yourself more visible to love?


If things in your business or personal life seem to be stalled, problems, even emergencies, can infuse some new life into your situation. "I just lost a major client," can be restated as, "I now have room for more solvent clients." Use your creative visualization skills to rewrite your wish list and reset your goals.

What's your favorite type of client or business to work with? Close your eyes, focus on that client and bring him into the picture!

Greater Appreciation Through Problem Solving

Look for the good news. Say your problem is you don't have enough money for something important, like food or bills. That's great news! Why? Because, simply by pondering the solution or goal—more money— you are using the energy of money to alleviate your sense of poverty. You may not have the actual money in your hand or bank account quite yet, but the energy of money is always present.

Start by acknowledging to yourself that you have always had money—after all, something supported your life up to this point. Give appreciation for all the money, in all its forms, you've received throughout your life. Then remind yourself that this energy, like love, is perpetual, limitless and you can continue to attract it.

Life will never be problem-free, this is true. However, reshaping how we approach life’s problems can make a world of difference. By looking to the questions or challenges themselves for your answers, life's setbacks can become more of an adventure and less of a test for survival. Next time you’re facing a tough situation, try utilizing these 4 strategies for success.
Written by Kim Alyce Steffgen
With a background in journalism and marketing communications, Kim's wordsmithing reflects a love of language that brings spice to many ads, articles, banners, and videos. To that spice she adds her passion for herbs, plants and alternative health.
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Very true, by looking at an issue from a different angle, perspective, crisis can become an opportunity.  What better start for a new year than this?
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Here's to many fresh starts, for New Year, and all the year through, Jennie. : )
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So helpful! by reframing the issue you can create the solution!
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Thanks, Ann. Yes you can, and it can be fun to do, which is another stress reliever.
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