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How to Make Your Brain Flexible

How to Make Your Brain Flexible
Hello to all of the ChangeYourEnergy.com members! This is Ilchi Lee.

In order to become a Solar Body that has healthy and vibrant energy, it's important to recover your strength of character and integrity—"insung" in Korean. It has to do with setting aside all the complicated thoughts and mental chatter and entering into a state of pure consciousness. Allow me to introduce a truly simple way to do this.

When was the time in your life that you were most pure? That would probably be when you were an infant under the age of one, when you could smile innocently without judgment about right or wrong. Back then, you didn't know language, so what you did to express yourself was babble. Then, as we pass the age of one and start to learn words, the brain gets trapped within systems of language without our awareness of it. We get stuck inside of language and knowledge, for example, discerning between right and wrong through language, getting tense and nervous about expressing ourselves accurately, or being subjected to tests at school, and as a result, our innate naturalness and creativity become withered.

The method I suggest involves going back to the time when you were an infant, before you turned one, and babbling. This baby doesn't know any words yet. So you mustn't use any language or words that you know. All you have to do is babble or make any sounds exactly as they come from your brain.

I refer to this method as "Jitalk," which would be Korean for "earthspeak"—speech that existed before all language. If you try practicing Jitalk for one to three minutes, three times a day, your brain will become much more flexible and free. As you keep practicing, from a certain point, your Jitalk can even turn into song. I started practicing Jitalk a long time ago. Let me share some Jitalk with you, which I enjoy. In the video below, you will also see drawings I made with the same flow of pure, natural energy.

I encourage all of you to be brave and try it right now, too. In a brief moment, you'll break out of the box that your brain was caged in, and your innate freedom, creativity, and joyful energy will spring forth.

I would love to know what you felt from trying Jitalk; please share in the comments below.

Thank you.

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Written by Ilchi Lee
A visionary, educator, author, and founder of ChangeYourEnergy.com, Ilchi Lee has spent nearly three decades helping people create better lives for themselves. Lee has created Body & Brain Yoga, Brain Education, and hundreds of other wellness programs and methods. A model for the self-improvement he teaches, Ilchi Lee is continually changing and continually creative. Keep up with Ilchi Lee on his blog at http://www.ilchi.com.
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FABULOSO, una libertad de expresión que ya habia olvidado por mantener la mente en charlas inútiles,fué maravilloso sentir la energía fluyendo en mí, tan sólo balbuceando unos minutos;muchas gracias Mr. Ilchi Lee. Soy de México y lamento que su libro gratis sólo sea enviado en USA,lo buscaré aquí en México,espero encontrarlo en español.FELICIDADES 
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Una Belleza.... Llegué hasta aquí por Karen y su entrevista. Lo que sentí fue un hermoso pedido de Amor y Felicidad. Vamos a HACER AMIGOS!! Hay infinitas razones Abrazar con amor y ternura...!! Energía vibrante! Una libre expresión de deseo y amor para liberar el deseo de ser honesto, limpio y libre. Gracias Ilchi!!
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WOW... The Kabbalah experience led me to Ilchi Lee half an hour ago and to Jitalk which was the first thing I tried out of your teachings. Immediately felt joyful and bubbly, totally free and creative. So amazed at how simple and yet powerful this exercise was. So amazed at the wide range of sounds I could make and how they vibrated within me. THANK YOU, NAMASTE!
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chgrhgf gdhg itrewwrty !!!
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hapiness and freedom, thats what i felt whit it. thanks you so much 
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At first, it was a little funny to do this. But I feel much lighter and happy after doing Jitalk.
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I like doing jitalk, it helps me to free my soul out of the cage I made. I stop thinking and I feel lighter. Thank you SSN for this wonderful support in our quest to change and feel free.
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I absolutely loved your soulful, "Italianesque" song and Paul Klee- like colorful drawings! I recently heard a speaker I respect recommend that we just feel confident enough to practice speaking in what he called light language. When he does, it sounds Native American and my whole attention is riveted by it. He says he is inviting the ancestors in a spiritual court of equity in the Dreamtime to be present. This helps the heart open in a reunion of soul family and makes the liquid pericardium around the heart become purified. I have not tried doing it but I will in time.
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Reflections from religions: Christian's have a thing called 'speaking in tongues'; it is said to be a 'gift of the Holy Spirit'. It is not part of my particular tradition, but I have played with it from time to time to time, especially with my grandchildren.  It makes me happy; they are amusingly perplexed. Now I will also know it as Jitalk. Seu Seung Nim's singing is very reminiscent of Jewish melodies. God is everywhere.
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good to block the negative,like you said
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