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Change Your Brain into a Solar Brain

Change Your Brain into a Solar Brain
"I live. I exist.”

Are you living, feeling this every day? Or are you just living day by day as a matter of habit, without any such feelings or inspirations?

Life becomes frustrating and boring if you forget this feeling. Every day seems changeless and the same. We easily blame our environment in this situation and try to change the environment first. But the issue is not the environment; it’s our consciousness.

I often say that we have two brains. One is the emotional brain and the other the solar brain. An emotional brain operates on the energy of emotion; a solar brain operates on the energy of the soul. An emotional brain is controlled by the environment and the solar brain utilizes the environment.

If your brain is trapped by emotion, switch to a solar brain immediately, right now. It takes a lot of time and effort for us to switch even one part in any machine. For example, to change an important part in an automobile, you have to go to a maintenance shop. Changing to a solar brain, though, is possible even without so much time and effort.

Why is that? Our brains have a truly amazing function. If you choose and resolve, "I am a solar brain," yours changes to a solar brain. From the very beginning, our brains were created naturally, not made in a factory. Our brains can change amazingly rapidly, at the speed of light, if we but know how to use their functions, because they have all kinds of functions already built into them.

The first step to change your brain to a solar brain is to make a choice. If your brain is dragged by emotions like a rollercoaster, then give your brain the information, “My brain is becoming a solar brain.” If the information in the brain changes, the brain also changes instantly. This is one of the Laws of the Brain Operating System (BOS): "Good news creates a good brain."

What's important here is making up your mind: "I will change completely." And you have to boldly discard the old ways of thinking and the many old habits you have. What are you going to miss about them? If you had a solar brain and your old brain together, which would operate? Your old brain would run things. That's why you need to make a real change.

You remember what you did three years ago in the instant you focus, thinking, "What did I do three years ago, and where?" In the same way, your brain will take care of it if you just focus. That is using your brain. That is a solar brain. Now take this theory and become the master of information, the master of your life.

Although there are many things about our environment we can change and adjust in our lives, there are also things that we can not control. We can't stop it from raining and we can't stop it from snowing. There is something we can do, though. We can use an umbrella when it rains. Although we can't eliminate the cold, we can wear warm clothing. We can do that much. Life becomes new when your consciousness awakens to this. Then, you can live creatively. And those feelings come: "I live. I exist.”

You find meaning in a once-tedious life when you start to feel this. What's important is you. If your consciousness is awake, regardless of what environment you find yourself in, you can design your life to fit it; if it's cold, then in a way that's right for the cold; if it's hot, then in a way that's right for the heat, if on a mountain, then in a way that's right for the mountain, and, if at a beach, then in a way that's right for the beach. That is beautiful. So you must awaken.

We have been born, and are living together, in this world and in these times. Although we have different environments, there is something that's the same even amid those differences. It is that we are "people." And all of us have a solar brain that finds our own values and realizes them. People who find their own values don’t become slaves of their environment. Those people can utilize the environment and can create the environment themselves.

If you feel your life gets frustrating and boring, choose to change it. Tell your brain, “I choose to change” strongly and persistently. Then your brain will listen to the signal you’re sending and will change into a solar brain. It will find ways to create positive changes.

I hope that you experience your brain changing into a solar brain as you meditate on this message, and I'd love to hear what you felt in the comments.

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Written by Ilchi Lee
A visionary, educator, author, and founder of ChangeYourEnergy.com, Ilchi Lee has spent nearly three decades helping people create better lives for themselves. Lee has created Body & Brain Yoga, Brain Education, and hundreds of other wellness programs and methods. A model for the self-improvement he teaches, Ilchi Lee is continually changing and continually creative. Keep up with Ilchi Lee on his blog at http://www.ilchi.com.
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Choosing to change has made me begin to reach out to others more frequently, rather than keeping to myself.  Thus new relationships are growing and old ones are being rekindled.  I hope changing myself will become easier as I continue to practice it!
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Thank you for this brilliant evaluation of our brains. I have recently been using my Solar Brain when I am down and out and feeling like I can't go on. I say to myself and my soul, "Look inside, find the joy inside." And 'inside' for me means inside my soul. And I usually find it.---Nina Kaur---http://fortysomethingnina.com/ 
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Thank you!
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I am a solar brain and will disgard old habits and the emotional brain. I will train my consciousness to detect when I am falling in my old habit and I will persistently choose to change.
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I am going to practice this everyday. Thank You SSN.
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SSN thank you for the wonderful message.  I will change and I will change right now!
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