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Solar Body Lecture by New York Times Bestselling Author Ilchi Lee Warms the Hearts of Many

Solar Body Lecture by New York Times Bestselling Author Ilchi Lee Warms the Hearts of Many
Over 200 people gathered at the Sedona Creative Life Center last Saturday, August 22 for lectures and a book signing on The Solar Body: The Secret to Natural Healing by New York Times bestselling author Ilchi Lee. The event, hosted by ChangeYourEnergy.com and local nonprofit Sedona Meditation Center, generated warm enthusiasm. As author and speaker Rebecca Tinkle said afterward, ”The event was beautiful, seamless, and full of the softest love energy. I had about 40 people or so tell me how inspired they were after the event!

The main speaker was Ilchi Lee, who entertained the audience with humor and music. In his talk, he stressed the importance of getting in touch with the body’s innate wisdom. By quieting the mind with simple exercises, even words or vibratory movement, and becoming able to sense energy, Lee said, people can deeply experience that they themselves are part of nature, and are just as beautiful, magnificent, and wise.

This experience of our intrinsic naturalness raises our body temperature for better immunity and circulation, and it raises our passion for life. It’s the secret behind natural healing. The key, Lee said, is daily practice.

Astara Fisher, staff of event host Sedona Meditation Center, summed up the overall feeling of Lee’s lecture, saying, “The Solar Body presentation by Ilchi Lee was warm-hearted and engaging. I liked how he spoke to the average person and made health and well-being within reach for everyone. We left feeling uplifted and hopeful.”

Sedona local Kevin McDormatt shared what he took away from the lecture, saying, “Where I’m from we learn by being told, not by including ourselves or listening to our intuition. I appreciate Ilchi Lee and his method of enjoying helping others by imparting his wisdom through experiencing the movement . . . .”

Before Ilchi Lee gave the main lecture, Dr. James Westphal, MD, Chief of Psychiatry at the Hawaii State Department of Health, talked about the multiple “brains,” or important collections of neurons in the body, that we should listen to for our health. By doing so, we turn off our “thinking brain” in our head and activate our parasympathetic nervous system. This presses the “off” switch on chronic stress and worry, and turns on your body’s natural healing processes. The Solar Body Method helped him do this, so that he was naturally able to get away from his over-dependancy on coffee, overcome his insomnia, and have better relationships, especially with himself.

Rebecca Tinkle, author of The Secret of Mago Castle and Eve: Redemption, also spoke on the significant changes she made in her physical, mental, and emotional health with the Solar Body Method, touching the audience with tears of gratitude for the transformation, which included losing 85 pounds.

At the end of Lee’s lecture, he invited chef Lisa Dahl briefly to the stage to acknowledge how well Lisa shares the beauty of Sedona with many visitors and helps them have a good experience here. Lisa owns four fine dining restaurants in Sedona; the most recent is Mariposa, which serves Latin-inspired fare.

Local musician, entertainer, producer, and composer Shondra Jepperson helped keep the event lively as the emcee.

After his lecture, Lee signed copies of The Solar Body, which the audience received at the lecture.

The natural healing theme was reflected in the outside activities before and after the lectures, which included refreshments, aura readings, exercise demonstrations, live harp music, a 50/50 raffle and a healing product sale.

To learn more about the Solar Body Method, you can take classes in person at the Sedona Meditation Center or any Body & Brain Yoga and Tai Chi center. You can also take the Solar Body Method Special Edition online course here on ChangeYourEnergy.com and watch videos and get your free copy of the book on www.SolarBody.com.

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