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Partnership in Health and Practice Highlight of Los Angeles Natural Healing Conference

Partnership in Health and Practice Highlight of Los Angeles Natural Healing Conference
A panel of healthcare professionals joined New York Times bestselling author Ilchi Lee at the Westin Hotel in Pasadena, CA last Sunday, August 30, 2015 for talks, discussions and demonstrations on his latest natural healing practice, the Solar Body Method.

The panel addressed issues of the science behind the method as well as how to utilize it in clinical practice. Emphasis was put on daily practice, making the patient a partner in their own health, and minimizing the body’s stress response to allow its natural healing processes to work optimally.

One of the panelists, Lea Ramos, APRM, said many of the patients who come to her integrative clinic in Rainbow, Nevada are looking for fast relief for their symptoms rather than a systemic solution such as the Solar Body Method. So she tells them, “If you’ve had pain for ten years, you can’t get rid of it in a day.” She encourages them to stick with the Solar Body practice because it is effective in addressing the cause of their discomfort without side effects.

On the other hand, statistics show that opioid pain relievers, which have been used heavily in Western medicine over the last ten years, work poorly for chronic pain, said Dr. Deborah Coady, MD, an OB/GYN who specializes in chronic pain, especially in the pelvic area. "In the end, they cause more health problems." The Solar Body Method, however, helped Dr. Coady cope with the pain and discomfort she’s had to face from ongoing treatment of cancer.

In fact, all of the healthcare professionals on the panel had their own healing story from practicing the Solar Body Method.

The story of Dr. Beauty Swe, MD, an internist with a private practice in Pasadena, CA, began four years before she started doing the Solar Body Method every morning over 300 days ago. In that period of time, she had seen many doctors and spent many hospital visits looking for a solution for her chronic fatigue, cervical stenosis and sleep apnea. After four months of Solar Body practice, however, she felt fit, energetic, focused, happy and lost weight. She encourages people to practice the Solar Body Method because it is “doable, easy, enjoyable and time-saving, and you don’t need space or money, or even to go anywhere.”

For panelist Dr. James Westphal, MD, Chief of Psychiatry at the Adult Mental Health Division of the Hawaii Department of Health, the Solar Body Method reduced his stress and pain and helped him sleep. In his talk, Dr. Westphal explained that the Solar Body Method does this by activating the restorative parasympathetic nervous system and reducing worry and other emotions by forcing us to focus. It also has all of the known benefits of low to moderate intensity exercise for creating positive emotions and increases our access to other aspects of body intelligence.

These effects, however, take daily practice, according to the panelists and keynote speaker Ilchi Lee. Lee said, "Training and practice will never betray you!" Solar Body is not just a method, it’s the understanding that each individual is responsible for their own health and happiness, and that without our health and happiness, we cannot help others. By taking responsibility, listening to our body’s needs, and developing a lifestyle that fits it, we develop our character. Over time, we strengthen our capacity to create a life that thrills and fulfills us. Ilchi Lee calls a person who does this a Solar Body.

To demonstrate this point, Ilchi Lee talked about the Benjamin School for Character Education that he opened for high school-age students in his native South Korea. This one-year program asks each student to choose his or her own goal to achieve within the year and to work part-time to help pay for part of the tuition. To help the students with these character-building activities, the school provides mentors based on the project the student chooses and teaches Ilchi Lee’s Brain Education to the students and their families. The Solar Body Method is a condensed and potent form of the extensive Brain Education system of training.

In addition to healthcare professionals, many of the approximately 250 attendees were members of southern California Body & Brain Yoga and Tai Chi centers, which organized and hosted the event. Coco from the center in Glendale, CA said she was amazed with the energy and information she received during the 6-hour conference, which included a buffet lunch. Others who were also inspired and amazed especially found hope from the Benjamin School for Character Education.

For his “U.S. and international efforts for promoting educational wellness,” Ilchi Lee was presented with a certificate of recognition from Congressman Ted Lieu of Los Angeles, though the congressman could not attend the event.

Another special highlight was when ten of the doctors in attendance joined together to form the Earth Citizens Healthcare Professional Association under the non-profit Earth Citizens Organization. This association aims to help people take the leading role in their health and happiness, creating a domino effect that will ultimately lead to solutions to the world’s major problems.

At the end, event organizers invited the participants to join the movement for natural, sustainable health by sharing Ilchi Lee’s book, The Solar Body: The Secret to Natural Healing, widely.

Through its talks, demonstrations, and interactive exercises, the Solar Body Conference showed the potential of natural healing via the Solar Body Method and generated much enthusiasm in the audience.

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